SoCal ProCase Spotlight: RHP Daniel Barrera

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director


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FULLERTON, CALIF. - Right-handed pitcher Daniel Barrera of Damien HS and a Southern Cal commit came into the SoCal ProCase set to showcase his abilities in front of a huge crowd of scouts. Losing the spring season, one that saw him get off to a decent start in limited action, would most  certainly have helped his development and visibility to scouts.

I saw Barrera throw in one of his two starts in the spring and saw the type of improvement - from physical to mechanical to consistency to everything in between - that left me excited for his future. When he showed up at the ProCase we were all excited to see how he’d fare against a loaded roster of hitters. 

During the ProCase Barrera relied heavily on the fastball, likely due to the layoff resulting from the cancellation of the spring season. 


Body: 6-foot, 185-pounds. Stocky build with strength, particularly in the lower half. Could see a bit more growth height-wise. Wide shoulders, sturdy and strong legs. 

Delivery: Simple mechanics, small rocker step parallel to the rubber, back foot in good position on the rubber. High knee lift to gather over the rubber separating on time and sinking just a bit into the backside before driving down the mound. Lands inline with a stable front leg creating leverage and clear path for his arm. Short arm swing in the back - think back and through - through to a 3/4 slot before finishing with extension. 

FB: Average FB 86.6 mph, peak 88.5 mph. Release height varies a bit from his SL and CHG, something he can polish up to give the look of having all pitches come out of the same tunnel. High spin rate of 2066 rpm (avg 1938 rpm) on the FB, both of which are average for high school pitchers. Induced Vertical Break (15.9”) ranks average for high school pitchers meaning there’s average rise on the fastball. Horizontal Movement (12.2”) ranks in the top 25% for high school pitchers meaning Barrera’s FB flashes significant run. Averaged 6’10” of extension on the fastball which puts him in the Top 10% of high school pitchers per Trackman. 

CHG: Barrera only threw one at ProCase. Release speed of 75.2 mph. Spin rate of 1472 RPM. Release point was consistent with his fastball. Feel for the pitch as demonstrated in his warmups has improved. 

SL: Quality offering, 73-74 mph, with significant horizontal movement (avg -4.4”) with slightly above average Induced Vertical Movement (avg 4.2”) that ranks him in the top 25% of all high school pitchers. Gets very good extension - 6’7” - which puts him in the top 10% of all high school pitchers. 

Summary: With a quick, whippy arm and above average Trackman metrics on a couple pitches, Barrera showed that his continued development should at worst get the interest of scouts moving into his senior season. His stuff plays well versus hitters presently and with the continued development of the changeup, he’ll have a true-three pitch mix that will make him a quality arm in college. He should compete for innings early in his collegiate career should pro ball have to wait. Assuming velocity gains, something he’s shown from last winter into the spring and through the summer, Barrera will make for an excellent weekend starter early in his collegiate career with the feel of an innings eating middle reliever in pro ball. 


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