SoCal ProCase Spotlight: RHP Anthony Silvas

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

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FULLERTON, CA. - At 6-foot-3, 210-pounds RHP Anthony Silvas (Moreno Valley HS) isn’t hard to miss when he’s walking out to the mound. As memorable as that may be, it’s what he does on the mound that leaves the impression. A Cal Baptist commit, Silvas is a known player in his area and after the SoCal ProCase will be known throughout the region. 

Silvas’ performance was highlighted by his fastball/curveball combination. The two pitches play very well off each other as they come from virtually the same tunnel with the curveball taking its eventual downward break late. Both pitches registered very good metrics on Trackman.

Those Trackman metrics support what the eyes see, that is that Silvas possesses two pitches that he’s comfortable enough throwing in any count that he commands for strikes and enough feel for a third pitch to cement his present starter profile. 

As with any player, the data doesn’t tell the complete story of the player it just supports or confirms one's opinion to some degree. With Silvas for example, we can look at the metrics on his fastball and curveball and like what we see. But when you see him throw a fastball, curveball, fastball, fastball, curveball sequence that resulted in one foul ball and a strikeout, well you get the understanding that Silvas has the moxie and belief in his stuff to play the game. 

At a glance data can’t provide that. 

However, within the data we can see that Silvas was averaging 7’1” extension on the fastball with 22.4” of induced vertical movement causing extreme ride that he’s able to command to all quadrants of the zone for strikes, usually swinging. We can also see that his curveball is just below MLB average spin rate (2337 rpm) with very good induced vertical movement (-5.4) and horizontal movement (-12.7) that add to his pitchability. 

Add it all up and what Silvas presents is a big, physical pitcher who seemingly has much more in the tank both on the mound and physically in terms of strength. For a guy who many scouts didn’t know about coming into the SoCal ProCase, he made sure most of the 67 scouts left knowing who he is. 


Body: 6-foot-3, 210-pounds. Strong and sturdy lower half with strength up in-and-through the squared shoulders. Frame should withstand the addition of strength/mass.

Delivery: Simple load and go. Easy knee lift up to mid-chest while maintaining shoulders inline with target and good rhythm. Dips into hips and explodes down the mound. Clean through backside with a full path through to a high 3/4 slot. 

FB: T91, 89-91 mph. Pitched comfortably at 89-90 range, topping at 91 on several occasions. His peak velocity of 91 mph was good for second amongst all pitchers in attendance. His average Induced Vertical Break of 22.4” was second best amongst all pitchers. Pitches to all quadrants with his heavy, running fastball causing uncomfortable at-bats. Induced swing-and-miss results with fastball; not one hit beyond the mound. 

CB: 74-77 mph. Present out pitch. Shows a bit of a gradual break before flashing late diving life at the plate. Throws it in any count with command and confidence. Plays off fastball very well as he maintains arm slot and speed with curveball. Pitch showed 11/6 shape consistently with avg. spin rate of 2337 rpm, induced vertical break of -5.4”, and horizontal break of -12.7”. 

CHG: 81 mph. Only threw two of them in-game. Both flashed above average spin rates (2090 rpm) with late tilting action. Release is identical to fastball with extension topping 7-feet on both pitches. Threw a handful more during warmups flashing feel for the pitch. 

Summary: Anthony Silvas is the type of player that comes out of virtually nowhere and leaves a lasting impression causing you to go see him again. The first impression left by Silvas at the SoCal ProCase is undeniable. With the frame, repertoire, and upside he has, scouts will undoubtedly be putting Moreno Valley HS on their must see list for next spring. The lasting impression left on me was that of a pitcher who is very confident in himself, his body, and his stuff. If the development of the changeup follows the path of that of the curveball, Silvas is a slam dunk starter in the future. That pitch could develop at CBU where Silvas could look to the 2024 MLB Draft as his big opportunity. Whether a starter or a bullpen arm, Silvas has the confidence, command, and ability to execute two above average pitches presently.