SoCal ProCase Spotlight: C/1B Michael Easter

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout

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FULLERTON, CA. - Michael Easter looked the part at the catching position and seemed comfortable throughout his showing at the 2020 SoCal ProCase. Easter came into the ProCase with impressive career varsity offensive numbers, in 93 at-bats; 409 batting average, 41 RBI, 17 XBH, 17 BB, 11 K and 1.200 OPS. Throughout his showing he displayed natural feel for the game and it comes to no surprise that in 8 career varsity appearances on the mound he posted a stat line; 16 INN, 134 BAA, 0.88 ERA with 15 strikeouts. With 67 representatives from 22 MLB Organizations in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the talent on the SoCal ProCase roster, Easter set out to show that his high school stats are no joke and that he deserves college offers and future pro consideration. 

The uncommitted Easter ranks 47th overall in the state and 7th overall at the catching position in the 2021 class. One of the higher ranked uncommitted players in the state at any position and the highest at the catching position. Easter has previously been clocked as high as 82 mph on the mound in the past but did not pitch. Showcasing at first and at the catching position he showed baseball feel and knowledge of the game. The feel for catching and receiving passed the eye test and projects well for handling pitchers at an elite level. 

As with any player, the ProCase was an amazing opportunity for the 2021 class to showcase their skills on the main stage. Micheal Easter showed that his receiving skills and understanding of the game are deserving of next level consideration. 



Body: 6-foot, 180 pounds. Left-handed hitter and right-handed thrower. Large frame with proportional strength throughout, current frame has room for more. Ability to pitch, catch and play first base shows that he has baseball athleticism. 

Hit: Looks hitterish at the plate from the left-side. Coiled pre-pitch load; open stance with some knee bend, toes pointed inward, leg lift load. Bat speed averaged 70.5 mph and rotational acceleration average of 15.4g, according to Blast Motion. These two metrics show that Easter currently possesses the ability to move his bat through the zone at the same speed average as a minor league baseball player and has the current ability to reach his peak bat speed at the same average of a minor league baseball player. Easter struggled getting his bat on plane, where he posted an on plane efficiency percentage of 51%, below the 70% ideal average. This metric shows that Easter is below average in making consistent contact with the barrel of the bat. 

Power: Trackman data shows that his average exit speed is 80.39 mph, with exit speed contact to inside pitches at a higher average than outside pitches, particularly up-and-in on the strike zone at an average of 90.33 mph. Easter hit three line drives to right-centerfield 310, 312, 313 ft in 16 recorded swings. Personal best exit speed of 94.90 mph with a launch angle of 9.25°. 

Field: Showed well at first-base as his feet around the bag were natural and smooth. Fielded at an average clip; limited laterally but sufficient. Made his throws to second at a low arm angle and was able to get rid of the ball quickly. Looked comfortable behind the plate; received very well, drop knee style catcher with a low target. Caught well in-game, blocked two balls in the dirt and looked like a college catcher in doing so. Passed the eye test defensively. 

Arm: Catcher arm velocity of 71 mph, 9th out of 10. Showed a quick release and good throwing mechanics. Throws were on target and posted a pop time average of 2.01-2.11. However, many of the throws were long hops and did not show carry through the second baseman when the throws did make it to the bag. His ability to position himself well and release the ball quickly helps hide his below-average arm. Will have to improve arm strength. 

Run: 7.40 60 yard dash.

Summary: The uncommitted Easter current offensive positives are his average minor league bat speed and rotational acceleration metrics. Defensively can play formidable first-base and possesses the catchers skills of receiving and blocking at a high level. Easter will have to improve his ability to get his bat on plane and improve his arm strength velocity to make the next step. The uncommitted Easter projects as a division 1 catcher.