SoCal ProCase Spotlight: C Daniel Briones

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout

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FULLERTON, CA. - Daniel Briones took home gold with the fastest pop time at the 2020 SoCal ProCase with a recorded average of 1.89-1.96. The PBR - California veteran has long showed off his impressive pop time numbers along with yearly improvement. With 67 representatives from 22 MLB Organizations in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the talent on the SoCal ProCase roster, Briones looked to seize the opportunity at hand and show that his pop time alone is worth writing his name down for the 2021 MLB high school catchers draft list. 

The San Diego State commit already possesses an above-average catcher’s skill set at the high school level and has the current and future make-up to become a starter for the Aztecs. The ability to lead and keep pitchers calm and focused is imperative, with Briones showing that he can do that. Ranked 69th overall in the state, Briones could greatly improve that ranking with his bat. Possesses the current ability to cover the inside part of the plate with power potential, Briones is a couple hitting adjustments away from raising his ceiling and making him a legitimate threat to all fields. 

As with any player, the ProCase was an amazing opportunity for the 2021 class to showcase their skills at the main stage. Daniel Briones made his presence felt with the best pop-time showing. 


Body: 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. Quality catchers frame with average strength and athleticism. Some physical projection remaining. College weights and conditioning will greatly benefit his overall build. 

Hit: Blast motion connection reading score of 66 is a good indication of dynamic adjustability, helping explain why he is able to cover the inside part of the plate so well. Blast motion rotation reading score of 36 shows that he is below average when it comes to rotational acceleration, hurting his chances of adjusting to pitches which is why he struggles with the outside part of the plate. Briones ability to hit the outside pitch will determine how high his ceiling will be. 

Power: Averaged 88.12 mph exit speed and 19.03° launch angle. Personal best exit speed of 94.63 mph and 22.38° launch angle. Consistent exit speed and launch angle readings are a good indication of current and future power ability. Gets on plane quickly, with a blast plane score of 68 helping him attack the inside part of the plate. Data shows that he relishes off pitches up and in, with an average exit speed of 89 mph and a launch angle of 27°. In person it is clear that he hunts inside fastballs and looks to pull with power. 

Field: Clocked the fastest pop time average at 1.89-1.96. Quick actions all round; quick out of the crouch, quick arm, quick rotation. Moves laterally at an average clip along with his blocking skills and reads. As with most amateur catchers will need work with pitch framing but shows signs that he is catching on. The pitchers that he caught reported that he received well and called a good game. 

Arm: Catcher’s arm velocity of 78 mph, 4th overall. Short arm swing is huge for his release and clearly lowers his pop time. Keeps his arm close to his body and ear, showing sound throwing mechanics for a catcher. Surely there is more arm strength left, which could help make his pop time even better. Throw-downs were average as a few were off the mark but in the general area to make a play. 

Run: 7.41 60 yard dash. Displayed good running mechanics.