SoCal ID Camp Underclass Black - Outfielders

PBR California Scouting Staff

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Irvine, CA - The Prep Baseball Report - California ID event provided a platform for SoCal players to showcase their skills after a summer of training. Despite the restrictions throughout the state the showing was a successful one. From batting practice home runs to curve balls for strikes, many of the players have not missed a beat. There is always work to do on the baseball field and the players showed that they are continuing to work hard. 

Baseball technology in the form of Trackman and Blast Motion continues to be a wonderful tool to evaluate players. Blast Motion provides three scores in the form of Plane, Connection and Rotation on a 20-80 scale. This helps paint a clear picture of what Blast Motion is tracking and what the player excels and does not excel at. With this score players are provided explanation and tips for improvement. As always, pen to paper scouting notes and eye tests from the scouting staff are hard at work. The combination of technology and in person scouting continue to strengthen reporting. 



Jonathan Cardenas, St. John Bosco (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: OF/2B
Body: 5-8, 142-pounds. Lean build with some present athleticism.
Hit: RHH. Wider base with feet straight up and lower hanging hands. Foot is down early and turned in. Coils slightly while hands load back. Slight barrel tip towards the pitcher.  Longer stroke that worked on an uphill plane. Actively tried to get out in front of balls. Pullside approach.
Power: 83 mph exit velocity. More power to the pullside. Longer swing will hurt potential for oppo power.
Arm: RH. OF - 75 mph. Longer arm action that is slower to release. Some present armside tail on throws. Most of his throws were accurate long hops.
Defense: Quick when getting to the ball. Gets low to the ball when he gloves it. Footwork after gloving it is slow. Slower exchanges.
Run: 7.75 runner in the 60. 

Felipe De Alba, El Rancho  (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: OF
Body: 5-7, 165-pounds. Shorter stocky build with present strength
Hit: RHH. Sets up in a wider base with feet straight up. Uses a simple forward stride. Slight internal rotation. Hands pop back.  Compact stroke that works on a level path (73% on plane efficiency). Uses lower half well. Sinks into the front leg to adjust for slight differences in timing. Good feel for the barrel. Pull-side approach.
Power: 89 mph exit velocity. Present pullside power. Average rotational acceleration average of 25gs is well above average and shows a good power ceiling.
Arm: RH. OF - 78 mph. Throws at a move over the top slot. Angles front side up and really pulls down hard. Throws were accurate long hops to the bag.
Defense: Takes good angles with decent footwork. Comes through it well with good momentum towards the target. Able to quickly adjust feet.
Run: 7.69 runner in the 60. 

Ian Duarte, Chaminade (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 5-10, 155-pounds. Athletic build with long limbs with room for strength gains.
Hit: RHH. Tall and upright with a slightly open stance. Hands are set right behind the ear. Uses simple forward stride as hands rock back.  Compact stroke that worked on a steeper plane. Better contact out in front. At times pulled off with front side but when it stayed closed contact was hard. Pull side approach.
Power: 83 mph exit velocity. Present pullside gap power. Bat speed was there with an average of 74 mph which is above average for his level and shows a good power floor.
Arm: RH. OF - 88 mph. Plus arm was loose and whippy from the OF. Almost all his throws were both accurate and made on the fly which flashed good life/carry. Was also quick to release.
Defense: Athleticism showed as he took good angles and got around the ball. Used forward momentum to get off strong throws. Rhythmic fielder that gloved everything fluidly and in motion.
Run: 6.92 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Athletic delivery. Side steps into a high knee tuck into his back side. As he comes down he dips slightly into his backside but really just drives towards home. Gets good hip-shoulder separation. Online with shoulders and with lower half throughout and lands slightly off to the 1B side.
Arm Action: RH. Longer arm action that showed plus arm speed. Throws out of the H 3/4 slot. Arm starts accelerating as it works back up to release.
FB: T85, 84-85 mph. Gets decent extension on it which gives it deceptive life.
CB: 71-73 mph. Throws it out of the same slot and armspeed as FB.
SL: 73-76 mph. Drops the slot slightly. At times flashed good late bite. 

Devon Eskridge, Arcadia  (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 6-3, 190-pounds. Larger athletic build with present strength in the frame
Hit: RHH. More upright with slight bend in the knees and rhythmic hands in stance. Quick leg lift trigger as hands slightly pop back.  Steep-flat compact stroke that gets out in front of balls for a pullside approach. Lower barrel finish. Gets onto his frontside a bit at finish.
Power: 87 mph exit velocity. Present pullside gap power. 68-70 mph bat speed range is decent for his level.
Arm: RH. OF - 83 mph. Short loose arm action that produced throws with good carry. Above average velo for level. Average quickness to release. Most throws were to the bag either on the fly or on a short hop.
Defense: Attacked the ball with quick feet. Played through it gaining good momentum going into a strong crow hop.
Run: 7.11 runner in the 60. 

Derik Gerber, Citrus Valley (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-9, 160-pounds. Medium frame that is starting to fill out with some present strength.
Hit: RHH. Slightly open and upright in stance. Starts load early utilizing a slow gather and forward stride. Rhythmic hands.  Compact and balanced stroke that worked on a steep-level path. Showed good feel for the barrel and used the whole field.
Power: 81 mph exit velocity. Some present pullside gap power.
Arm: RH. OF - 75 mph. Shorter arm action that is released with a higher front shoulder and release point with good air under his throws. Mostly accurate long hops.
Defense: Decent defensive actions getting to and around the ball. At times slowed down feet to glove the ball. Clean glove exchanges.
Run: 7.27 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Simple delivery with no wasted movement.  Uses a higher knee tuck and dips into his back leg before driving hard toward home. Finishes in a good fielding position.
Arm Action: RH. Compact arm circle in the back that comes through at the 3/4 slot. Slots the FB higher than his SL and CH but consistent arm speed.
FB: T79, 77-78 mph. Located well to the glove side.
SL: 70-72 mph. More present VB movement so moves more like a CB.
CH: 73-75 mph. Straight change that had some late downward action. 

Andrew Johnson, Capistrano Valley Christian (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-2, 170-pounds. Long and lean athletic build with room to fill out.
Hit: RHH. Narrow straight base with an upright upper body in stance. Utilizes a toe tap trigger.  Smooth stroke that works on a level plane (72% on plane efficiency). Gets out in front of balls with a higher hand finish. Pullside approach.
Power: 79 mph exit velocity. Current singles hitter.
Arm: RH. OF - 82 mph. Longer arm action. Throws flashed good carry to the target. some throws were on the fly. Releases on an upward angle so throws had air under them. Quick to release.
Defense: Athleticism showed with good defensive actions. Quick feet and took good angles to get around and through the ball. Clean exchanges and got feet under him quickly to make his throws.
Run: 7.31 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Throws from the stretch. Drop and drive delivery. Up and down knee lift and gets a good large stride. Steps slightly closed. Firms up front leg while rear leg sweeps through. In good fielding position at landing..
Arm Action: RH. Longer arm action that comes out of the H 3/4 slot. Gets into a slight inverted W/scalp load. Arm accelerates late in the action. Drops slot slightly on CB. Consistent arm speed on all pitches.
FB: T81, 78-80 mph. Trouble locating it to the glove side. Gets his best extension on FB.
CB: 65-66 mph. Very minimal horizontal break. Decent spin at around 2200 rpm.
CH: 73-75 mph. Nice armside fade late in the action. 

Ryan Limerick, Notre Dame (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: OF/LHP
Body: 6-0, 175-pounds. Well proportioned athletic frame with present strength throughout.
Hit: LHH. Slightly open with a wide base and low hanging hands. Slight gather into his backside and uses a simple forward stride.  Short compact stroke that worked on a steep-flat plane (78% on plane efficiency). Good bat to ball skills and feel for the barrel. Higher hand finish. Pounded the RC gap with LDs. Pullside approach.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity. Present pullside gap power.
Arm: LH. OF - 81 mph. Shorter arm action that comes up to a higher slot. Higher front shoulder made him release at an upward angle. Throws were high arcing but on target with decent carry.
Defense: Athleticism was easy to see. Got around and attacked the ball. Got low to the ball and exchanges were clean. He played through the balls quick and in a smooth transition into crow hop.
Run: 7.11 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Simple and repeatable delivery. Pitches from the stretch. Higher knee lift that is straight up and down. Keeps shoulders in line towards the target. Steps towards the target as well and finishes falling off to the 3B side of the rubber.
Arm Action: LH. Short compact action with a slight arm stab in the back that comes out of the H 3/4 slot. Throws the FB out of a higher slot than the SL and CH. Slightly slower armspeed on offspeed as well.
FB: T82, 78-81 mph. Decent extension which gave it deceptive life.
SL: 68-70 mph. Showed ability to locate it for strikes.
CH: 70-72 mph. Showed good late fading armside action.

Austin Moon, Don Antonio Lugo (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 5-11, 175-pounds. Well proportioned medium build and frame with present strength in the lower half.
Hit: RHH. Even straight up base with hands loose over the plate at stance. Uses a simple and quick forward stride as hands pop slightly back.  Steep compact stroke with hands working inside the ball (73% on plane efficiency). Pounded tons of LDs to the RC gap.
Power: 90 mph exit velocity. Gap to gap power potential.
Arm: RH. OF - 83 mph. Long but quick arm action from the OF. Average time to release. Throws flashed decent carry to the bag. Mostly accurate throws.
Defense: Clean defensive actions. Not too quick but fluid actions and transitions from field to throw.
Run: 7.95 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Side steps into a high knee tuck gather into the back leg. Dips slightly into the back leg but uses gravity to fall down the mound helping him get a good large stride. Shoulders stay in line until front foot is about to land. Good fielding position at finish.
Arm Action: RH. Longer arm action that comes back up at the H 3/4 slot. Arm starts accelerating when it gets up above the shoulder. Slower arm speed on off speed as well as lower slot.
FB: T82, 79-81 mph. Plus extension gave it good deceptive life especially up in the zone.
SL: 68-73 mph. Located it mostly to the glove side and low.
CH: 72-74 mph. Slight downward movement and show ability to throw it for strikes. 

Cody Nitowitz, Cathedral Catholic (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: OF/2B
Body: 5-9, 140-pounds. Smaller athletic frame. Lean build with squared shoulders.
Hit: S. Similar set up and swings from both sides. Upright and straight up in stance using a simple but slow forward stride. Pulls bat back into a higher elbow load.  Rhythmic smooth stroke that works on a flat plane (83% on plane efficiency). Gets good extension and higher barrel finish from both sides. Worked middle of the field from the right side and had a pullside approach from the left.
Power: 87 mph exit velocity. Showed more power from the left side in BP but current singles hitter.
Arm: RH. OF - 83 mph. Longer arm action but was quick to release. Throws flashed decent carry and were accurate to the bag.
Defense: Athletic defensive actions. Attacked the ball with quick feet. Got low to the ball and played through it with good momentum which helped him get off strong throws.
Run: 7.10 runner in the 60. 

Joshua Patterson, Windward (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: OF/3B
Body: 5-9, 122-pounds. Small and lean build with room to fill out.
Hit: RHH. Upright and narrow in stance with active hands. Uses a simple forward stride as bat starts to work down and flat.  Simple flat stroke that was on plane early and through finish (88% on plane efficiency). Balanced with a higher barrel at finish. Middle of the field approach.
Power: 80 mph exit velocity.
Arm: RH. OF - 56 mph. Longer arm action. Throws were high arcing and fell downward towards the target for accurate 1-2 hops. Slower to release.
Defense: Average defensive actions. Got around the ball to get in a good position to field. Stopped momentum to field the ball and had to restart up movements.
Run: 7.46 runner in the 60.