SoCal Birds Scout Day: PM Session - 2022 Pitchers

PBR California Staff

ORANGE, CA. - The SoCal Birds Scout Days exhibited underclassmen from the 2022 class on the second day of action. We take a closer look at the Pitchers on display from the PM session. Close to 40 players were split into two groups for a showcase and live at-bats.

The showcase featured a standard pro-style workout that included the 60-yard sprint, batting practice and defensive workouts at ones respective position. The scout day ended with a highly competitive simulated game. 


Trackman, Blast Motion, radar guns, sensors and a team of scouts were hard at work powering the event. You can find the SoCal Upperclass Birds Stats Leaders here.



Bryant Smaaladen, El Modena (CA), 2022

Positional Profile: LHP/OF

Body: 6-1, 170-pounds. Solid base with room to add strength.

Delivery: Worked exclusively out of the stretch, closed to start with a slower tempo leg lift.

Arm Action: Semi-short arm action that gets up on time. High 3/4  slot.

FB: Sat 78-79 T80 mph. Higher vertical ride allows for the FB to play up in the zone.

CB: 69-70 mph. Pure side spin has it moving more like a slider. 

CH: 66-67 mph. Does a great job at tempering vertical ride differing the movement from the FB. 

Grant Faris, Dana Hills (CA), 2022

Positional Profile: LHP

Body: 6-3, 200-pounds. Large frame, some present strength with room to add more.

Delivery: Simple, up-tempo delivery with quality usage of the lower half.

Arm Action: Short, quick arm action that hides the ball well and gets up on time.

FB: Sat 84-85 T86 mph. Decent ride with lower release height, it helps the FB play up.

CB: 70-72 mph. Gyro heavy with some horizontal sweep.

Nathan Lockwood, Edison (CA), 2022

Positional Profile: RHP/OF

Body: 6-2, 170-pounds. High waisted, room to fill out physically.

Delivery: Higher effort, medium tempo with some push in the lower half.

Arm Action: Longer arm coming  from a high slot.

FB: Sat 80-83 T83 mph. High slot creates plus vertical ride allowing the FB to play up.

CB: 61 mph. Slow breaker with both drop and sweep.

Benson Huang, El Toro (CA), 2022

Positional Profile: RHP/3B

Body: 5-11, 180-pounds. Athletic, proportional frame with room to put on size.

Delivery: Quiet, under control delivery, can get pushy in the lower half at times.

Arm Action: Short, clean arm stroke that unwinds nicely.

FB: Sat 77-79 T80 mph. High slot creates plus ride that plays up in the zone.

CB: 67-69 mph. Lower velocity, movement profiles more as a slider.

CH: 73-74 mph. Similar movement to FB with a 5-6 MPH speed difference.