SoCal Birds Scout Day: PM Session - 2022 Catchers

PBR California Staff

ORANGE, CA. - The SoCal Birds Scout Days exhibited the underclassmen from the 2022 class on the second day of action. We take a closer look at the Catchers on display from the PM session. Close to 40 players were split into two groups for a showcase and live at-bats.

The showcase featured a standard pro-style workout that included the 60-yard sprint, batting practice and defensive workouts at ones respective position. The scout day ended with a highly competitive simulated game. 


Trackman, Blast Motion, radar guns, sensors and a team of scouts were hard at work powering the event. You can find the SoCal Upperclass Birds Stats Leaders here.


Kyle Sugimoto, Bishop Montgomery (CA), 2022

Positional Profile: C/OF

Body: 5-11, 155-pounds. High waist, room to fill out physically.

Defense: Lower and upper half work well together. Gets feet into correct throwing position and hands sync up to make crisp throws to second. Moves well laterally behind the dish and had a desire to block balls in the dirt during game portion. Pop times were in the 2.01-2.07 ranges.

Arm: Short, quick arm topping out at 72 MPH from behind  the dish.

Hit: RHH. Slightly open stance, hand hitch with a leg kick load. 

Power: Top Exit Velocity of 85 MPH via Trackman in BP. Power will come with added strength. 

Run: 7.36 runner in the 60.

Robbie Blank, Valencia (CA), 2022

Positional Profile: C/OF

Body: 6-1, 160-pounds. Proportional, athletic, and has room to fill out.

Defense: Flexible and shows a comfortable setup. Gets low to provide a solid target for pitchers. Hands and feet work well together, but rushes throws at times. Has the ability to block balls in the dirt. Lateral movement can be improved. Pop times were in the 2.15-2.31 range.

Arm: Short, compact arm behind the dish, topped at 72 MPH.

Hit: RHH. Compact setup to start, quiet load into back hip  and a level barrel path through the zone. 

Power: Top Exit Velo of 80 MPH via Trackman in BP. Power will come with added lean mass.

Run: 7.49 runner in the 60.

Parker Romano, Laguna Beach (CA), 2022

Positional Profile: C

Body: 5-8, 160-pounds. Compact, proportional frame with room to add strength. 

Defense: Clean catch + throw skills and footwork, pop times between 2.08 and 2.25.

Arm: Compact arm behind the plate, topped out at 73 MPH.

Hit: RHH. Neutral to start, noticeable load with some effort in the swing. 

Power: Top Exit Velo of 81 MPH via Trackman in BP. Power will come with added strength.

Run: 7.47 runner in the 60.