SoCal Birds Scout Day: Underclass Orange

PBR CA Scouting Staff

ORANGE, CALIF. - The SoCal Birds Scout Days concluded with the underclassmen on the final day of action. Close to 30 players were split into two teams for a showcase and live at-bats. The showcase featured a standard pro-style workout that included the 60-yard sprint, batting practice and defensive workouts at respective positions. The scout day ended with a highly competitive simulated game. 

Trackman, Blast Motion, radar guns, running sensors and a team of scouts were hard at work powering the event. The underclass Birds posted a Blast Motion team score of 48 plane, 53 connection, and 43 rotation. Average across the board with the connection score grading the highest, showing a team that gets in a good position to hit. 

You can find the SoCal Underclass Birds Stats Leaders here. 


Thomas Adair, Torrance (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/1B
Body: 6-3, 200-pounds. Big, sturdy, durable pitchers frame. Noticeable strength in lower half while upper half has plenty of room for growth.
Delivery: Simple, slight drop and drive delivery that sees him gain ground down the mound. Lands inline to target with weight proportionally distributed.
Arm Action: RH. Loose, whippy arm action. Medium path in the back through to a H 3/4 slot that he's able to maintain and repeat on all pitches.
FB: T77, 74-76 mph. Showed the ability to pound hitters in with the FB while commanding it away for strikes. Misses were arm side and up generally, often resulting in swing/miss passes. Pitch flashes late movement at plate.
SL: 62-63 mph. Confidence in the pitch stood out as he dropped one in for a strikeout looking on a full count. Comes from same tunnel as others with late diving action away from righties - the exact opposite movement of the FB.
CH: 64-66 mph. Avg. spinning pitch with fair command. Hard to pick up early making the pitch play up. Has hard action late.

Kevin Andrus, Edison (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 5-8, 150-pounds. Lean, wiry strong, athletic frame that will easily add mass over the years.
Defense: 2.21-2.4 pop times. Pops out of crouch quickly and uses upper half well in blocking BID. Transitions from catch-to-release should continue to improve elevating his overall game.
Arm: RH. C - 66 mph.   Arm works with accuracy to the bag. Two misses were slightly to the first base side. Release can be somewhat deliberate.
Hit: RHH. Simple, slightly opened and balanced setup with hands at shoulder. Toe tap trigger before exploding lower half into swing. Showed excellent control of the barrel through the zone (74% on-plane efficiency) with above average bat speed (68.8 mph) for a HS player. Hands are fast (22.8 mph) through the zone with developing power. Likes to get the ball in the air.
Power: 80 mph exit velocity.  Easy to project future gap power at worst with his combination of hand/bat speed and his developing frame.
Run: 7.77 runner in the 60. 

Bobby Bangs, University (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-10, 155-pounds. Lean, wiry strong, athletic frame that will easily add mass over the years.
Delivery: Deliberate, drop/drive delivery that sees him gain lots of ground down the mound leading to elevated extension numbers.
Arm Action: RH. Loose, fast arm that is clean mechanically. He's able to repeat his delivery consistently usually getting the desired results.
FB: T83, 81-83 mph. FB shows life up in the zone where he induced plenty of swing/miss results. High spin (2277 max rpm) and high IVB (19.3" max) allow Bangs to live all around the zone with the fastball and getting desirable results.
CB: 69-70 mph. CB flashes late, tight depth with max spin of 2280 rpm. Ball comes out of the hand with ease and the command was very good. Got two strikeouts looking with the pitch. Pitch comes from same window as FB causing issues for hitters to pick up break.

Tyler Blade, Santiago (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 5-10, 135-pounds. Big, long, lean, frame that is uber projectable. Some strength in lower half and in shoulders. Still very early in development.
DefenseFeet work very well with average to above range to both sides. Gets rid of the ball quickly.
Arm: RH.  INF - 66 mph.  Arm strength lacks presently, but accuracy and ability to be in position to make a throw is present.
Hit: RHH. Slightly open with hands above shoulder setup. Leg lift load-and-go landing in a wide base before driving knob to ball. Leg lift load-and-go landing in a wide base before driving knob to ball. Full path through to a balanced extension.
Power: 80 mph exit velocity. Uses hand/bat speed to create present gap power. Easy to project continued power development.
Run: 7.44 runner in the 60. 

Logan Clear, Santiago (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: 2B/OF
Body: 5-5, 120-pounds. Compact frame with wiry strength throughout.
DefensePlays low to the ground with his backside; footwork was fluid and controlled. Stopped feet on one attempt. Backhand was true and clean.
Arm: RH.  INF - 61 mph.  Despite the wet conditions, throws were accurate to the bag from all angles during the workout. Clean mechanics and ability to manipulate arm angle.
Hit: RHH. Upright setup with noticeable hand/barrel waggle.  Slight leg lift load trigger with a noticeable bend at the waist. Hands (20.2 mph) and bat (60.8 mph) are quick through the zone while maintaining themselves on plane (85% on plane efficiency) through to extension.
Power: 78 mph exit velocity.  Only a freshman there's plenty of time for the power to develop. Has the foundational understanding to tap into that power when the time comes.
Run: 7.21 runner in the 60. 

Anthony De Marco, Woodbrige (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: C/1B
Body: 5-10, 150-pounds. Sturdy, strong frame with long limbs, high waist and room for more mass.
Defense: 2.19-2.26 pop times. Worked well when recovering from blocks, sets up quietly before shifting into position. Feet work very well.
Arm: RH. C - 64 mph.   Arm showed accuracy to the bag. Arm strength is fair presently.
Hit: RHH. Balanced and neutral setup with hands below the shoulder. Weight evenly distributed. Uses a leg lift load trigger to initiate swing. Uses fast hands (19.6 mph) and bat speed (69 mph) to make adjustments and catch up to pitches on the inner half. Maintains barrel on plane throughout swing into extension.
Power: 85 mph exit velocity. Maintains barrel on plane through swing and present power (17.4 g) via rotational acceleration indicate more power is coming.

Hayden Donahue, Santiago (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: 3B/2B
Body: 5-7, 180-pounds. Stout, large frame with natural strength. Strong lower half.
Defense: Feet project ideally for third base. Plays light on them showing fair lateral movement. Backhand was true.
Arm: RH.  INF - 68 mph.  Arm works easily with accuracy to the bag. Gets rid of the ball quickly/easily.
Hit: RHH. Balanced, simple setup with slight front leg lift load. Gets hands/barrel on plane easily and naturally. 
Power: 83 mph exit velocity.  Flashed easy gap power with a few balls to the fence during BP.
Run: 8.31 runner in the 60. 

Austin-Rae Gamell, Santiago (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-10, 165-pounds. Long, sturdy frame with plenty of room for growth. Long torso.
Defense Works ground up with average footwork. Plays behind the ball. Gets rid of the ball quickly.
Arm: RH.  INF - 64 mph.  Arm is accurate with some throws flashing carry.
Hit: LHH. Upright, controlled, smooth setup with hands just above chest.  Knob-to -ball path with quickness. Gets barrel on plane early and deep in swing path. 
Power: 87 mph exit velocity.  Rotational acceleration scores indicate present and projectable power. Above-average connection score highlights his natural ability to hit from the left side.
Run: 7.41 runner in the 60. 

Cohen Gomez, Canyon (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: 3B/C
Body: 6-2, 178-pounds. Long, lean, wiry strong frame. Will easily withstand addition of mass.
Defense:  Hands/transitions are quick/clean. Plays low-to-high with quick feet and excellent body control. Shows fair range to both sides.
Arm: RH.  INF - 76 mph.  Arm plays now with accuracy and the occasional flash of carry on throws.
Hit: RHH. Balanced, upright stance with legs evenly split apart. Bends at waist at load which is a simple shoulder turn, hand drop movement.  Gets barrel through zone quickly; Barrel plane consistency will need to improve in order to more continously tap into his developing present power. Catches the ball deep.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity.  Explodes into ball: bat speed (70.6 mph) would indicate power is coming.
Run: 8.02 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Upright and tall setup. Lands inline towards target while balanced over the front leg.
Arm Action: RH. Arm is loose and quick through the zone. Short path in the back through to 3/4 slot. Whips arm through slot.
FB: T78, 77-78 mph. FB showed some life late in the zone as reaches the plate. Showed the ability to command it to multiple quadrants of the zone.
CH: 70-73 mph. Flashed feel for the CH with late diving depth into RHH. Had the confidence to throw the pitch in two-strike counts. Lost feel for the pitch late in outing. 

Zach Ireland, Beckman (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-1, 142-pounds. Long, lean, wiry strong frame at 6-foot-1, 142-pounds. Easy to see more mass on the frame.
Defense: Athletic actions with excellent body control at both positions. Length in frame aids in range; gains a lot of ground in the outfield. Transitions are quick and clean.
Arm: RH.  INF - 73 mph. OF - 76 mph. Arm plays both in the OF and on the dirt where it shows accuracy and strength while flashing carry on some throws. No wasted movements from gather to release.
Hit: RHH. Slightly open, upright, hands high setup. Leg lift stride and drops his hands into the zone. Hand (20.8 mph) and bat (67.2 mph) are present and above average for a player his class. With added strength his ability to manipulate the barrels plane should improve. Consistent gap-to-gap approach.
Power: 83 mph exit velocity.  Has the frame for added mass which could translate into more consistent power. Athletic in the box.
Run: 8.16 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Upright and tall delivery that gains ground down the mound. Hints of drop and drive at times. Lands inline with target consistently.
Arm Action: RH. Arm is easy, loose and clean. Repeats mechanics consistently.
FB: T78, 77-78 mph. Fastball shows significant action at the plate. Max IVB 19.5" with avg spin of 2062 RPM. Command was fair up in the zone; showed excellent command down in the zone.
CB: 63-66 mph. Average spin of 2142 RPM and max IVB of -10.1" it's Ireland's command of the CB that makes the pitch play way up. Commanded it to all spots of the zone for strikes. Complete confidence in the pitch.
CH: 72-73 mph. Low spin, high break pitch that projects as above average pitch in future. Command was excellent; induced ample swing/miss chances.

Jesse Kneip, Santiago (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: 1B/OF
Body: 5-11, 140-pounds. Lean, strong frame with noticeable musculature in lower half of frame.
Defense: Athletic actions with fluid and simple footwork. Times steps to the ball well in the OF where he gathers out front and comes up in position to throw.
Arm: LH.  INF - 75 mph. OF - 77 mph. Arm is loose and plays both in the OF and 1B. Throws were accurate at both positions with OF showing stronger, more accurate throws.
Hit: RHH. Open and upright with hands just above the shoulder. Uses a leg lift load-and-go approach that sees him utilize his entire lower half into the swing.  Generates easy loft and power with a slightly uphill path through contact and into extension. Line drive approach with consistent barrels throughout the day.
Power: 84 mph exit velocity.  Power is easy now and with more strength should be more consistent. Natural strength presently.
Run: 7.42 runner in the 60. 

Jeremy Miller, Marina (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-11, 153-pounds. Lean, sturdy frame with some length in the arms. Larger hands. Delivery: Balanced and consistent, falls off a tick to 1B side after release, deliberate leg lift.
Arm Action: RH. Consistent arm speed, full path in back, follow through has room for more.
FB: T81, 78-80 mph. FB bores in on righties with late life at the plate. Located it well to the arm side. Lots of life to pitch from it's tunnel. Avg spin of 2033 rpm and IVB of 21.3".
CB: 64-66 mph. Pitch shows late depth with tight spin. Avg IVB of -13/4" with 2081 rpm spin. Commanded the CB for strikes and showed the confidence to throw it as a putaway pitch on a full count. 

Luke Sampson, Foothill (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-11, 185-pounds. Big, physical, strong frame at 5-foot-11, 185-pounds with room to add strength and mass.
Defense: Moves well on the dirt. Looks like a future 3B where his athelticism and strength could play up. Range was fair from the middle infield. Hands/transfers were quick/clean.
Arm: RH.  INF - 71 mph.  Arm strength was fair with accurate throws. Was able to make throws from multiple angles.
Hit: RHH. Balanced and spread with hands at shoulders. Relaxed in the box with weight evenly distributed.  Coils and explodes hands into the ball generating big loft and carry. Does not get cheated. Used lower half very well. Hands/strength do the rest.
Power: 94 mph exit velocity. Explosive power potential from direct path to-and-through the ball.
Run: 7.23 runner in the 60. 

Dylan Scales, Ocean View (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 5-9, 155-pounds. Strong, physical yet compact frame. Sturdy build ideal for catching. Strength throughout.
Defense: 2.11-2.19 pop times. Moves well laterally; blocks recovers well and ready to throw.
Arm: RH. C - 71 mph.   Note: rainy morning. Arm showed to be average with accuracy despite damp/wet conditions.
Hit: RHH. Simple setup with hands high. Keeps hands tight to chest through swing.  Maintains barrel on plane (75% on-plane eff.) through swing with fast hands (21.8 mph) and above average bat speed (64.86 mph) for a HS player.
Power: 80 mph exit velocity. Power is developing and appears in flashes. Frame and hand/bat speed would indicate power is coming with maturation.
Run: 7.52 runner in the 60.