ProCase 2019 - A Look Back at SS/P Cole Tremain

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


PODCAST: Northern CA ProCase

The 2019 Northern CA ProCase was held last June 9th at Delta College in Stockton and it featured all but one of the local talents who are in the mix for the upper rounds of the 2020 draft. The MLB draft will be June 10th and include only five rounds.

We've been building the roster for the 2020 ProCase (presently scheduled for June 13th at Islanders Field in Lathrop, but clearly subject to change) where the players will again be put through a pro-style workout with various stats/data recorded during the workouts which can be found HERE from 2019, as well as competitive at-bats/sim-game-type action. We will be ready to roll out our new tech partners, TrackMan, Blast Motion, Driveline, and Vizual Edge.

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INF/P Cole Tremain (Vista del Lago HS) - report from 6/9/19

2020 MIF/P Cole Tremain (Sacramento State commit) is listed at 6-foot-0, 180-pounds, with wide sculpted shoulders and a V-shaped upper body. He's put some time into his body and immediately passes the eye test. Though he's strong and streamlined, he retains athleticism and his body works well with good coordination and body control.

During his BP rounds Tremain looked quite good. He has some loft in the swing that looks to be of the launch angle variety and it will remain to be seen how that plays vs major D1 pitching, but the tools to hit are present. He's short to the ball, with strong hands and good barrel awareness. His leg lift was under control and he displayed good timing, generally staying behind the ball and allowing himself to drive the ball in a position of strength. His balance at the plate is good. On occasion he top spun the ball when that lift and timing was a bit off and that is also a function of the swing plane. The power plays gap to gap and he presently displays extra base power with enough to get over the fence on occasion.

Defensively he showed good hands and strong fundamentals. The raw arm strength rates as near average and certainly could tick up to average. He was best moving to his left where he was fluid and released the ball with confidence. Going to his right he got rid of the ball well, though to both his left and right he added in an extra step to get rid of the ball. Could play a bit more through the ball hit right at him as he tended to have his stopped feet on those plays as he caught the ball. As with just about every infielder, he was best when playing on the move. Good hands around the bag, though as a 2nd baseman the exchange and moving to the throw took a bit too long. Ran a 7.24 60-yard dash which obviously suggests that range potential could push him to the hot corner.

Tremain is also an accomplished high school pitcher and he will have a shot to get on the mound for the Gauchos at the collegiate level. His fastball was in the 84-86 mph range and when on time with the lower body mechanics he had late arm side life on the pitch. His arm is loose and it's a good arm action, with arm speed and finish to suggest there is more velocity in there. Front side opens a bit early and strides a bit open, landing with a slightly open front foot. The direction and early front hip likely sap some of his velocity potential, and Tremain also will occasionally significantly recoil when he gets too much on his stride leg heel. The breaking ball comes out easily and he has the arm action to develop a near average curveball (69-73 mph). With a strong lower body and good body control, a few mechanical tweaks could unlock a higher level of stuff for him on the mound.

As a talented 2-way talent, Tremain's future is bright. It's too early to determine which position he will ultimately settle in at and it's possible that through his college career he will work as a 2-way player. The projection here is that ultimately he will develop further on the mound, but obviously time will tell.