ProCase 2019 - A Look Back at RHP Dalton Durossette

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


PODCAST: Northern CA ProCase

The 2019 Northern CA ProCase was held last June 9th at Delta College in Stockton and it featured all but one of the local talents who are in the mix for the upper rounds of the 2020 draft. The MLB draft will be June 10th and include only five rounds.

We've been building the roster for the 2020 ProCase (presently scheduled for June 13th at Islanders Field in Lathrop, but clearly subject to change) where the players will again be put through a pro-style workout with various stats/data recorded during the workouts which can be found HERE from 2019, as well as competitive at-bats/sim-game-type action. We will be ready to roll out our new tech partners, TrackMan, Blast Motion, & Driveline.

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RHP Dalton Durossette (Central Catholic HS) - report 6/9/19

2020 RHP Dalton Durossette (Santa Clara commit) is listed at 6-foot-3, 220-pounds, and seeing him in person, the description, very favorably so, would be to say he looks the part of a 'horse' and an innings-eater. Though not an exact comp, former MLB pitcher Chad Billingsley comes to mind, with Durossette being taller and more athletically proportioned. Durossette has tree trunk strong lower body proportions and a well-developed upper body, but he does retain good arm looseness and has good body control.

He showed off a quality three-pitch repertoire and when watching his well-trained mechanics, it's easy to see how he has feel of three pitches. With good timing over the rubber, on-line direction down the slope, and a stable planting of his stride foot/leg, he can get to a consistent release point and manipulate the ball with feel. The arm swing is clean and compact, with patience out of the glove. His upper body mechanics are also good, with front side stability with his glove arm and he maintains good control of his head. Given that he will be physically trained in a different way in a college program, it's exciting to consider how much more Durossette might have in him.

There isn't a lot of effort for Durossette to get his fastball into the upper-80s, peaking in this look at 89 mph. He can create some down angle and get ground balls while also having enough stuff and feel to go up in the zone. Fastball control should develop into fastball command as he develops over the next few years. His curveball was thrown 71-73 mph and though it mostly had smooth breaking action, the feel of the pitch was good. Some tweaks in grip pressure and perhaps in the actual grip and hand position at release could elicit more bite and action. Again, with his delivery and body control, there is a lot to work with here. His third pitch is a 77-78 mph change-up that came out of his hand with feel and showed well off the fastball.

Durossette's ceiling may not be quite as high as some others in his peer class, but many don't reach their ceilings. What is really positive about his 'floor' is that he's going to enter college with three pitches, good feel of the ball, a strong durable frame and still has some coaching/development adjustments to get a bit more out of him. He also showed good stoicism on the mound and a workman type approach to pitching and he enjoyed the challenge of the competition and atmosphere at the event.