ProCase 2019 - A Look Back at C Jacob Weiss

PBR Northern CA Scouting Staff


PODCAST: Northern CA ProCase

The 2019 Northern CA ProCase was held last June 9th at Delta College in Stockton and it featured all but one of the local talents who are in the mix for the upper rounds of the 2020 draft. The MLB draft will be June 10th and include only five rounds.

We've been building the roster for the 2020 ProCase, where the players will again be put through a pro-style workout with various stats/data recorded during the workouts which can be found HERE from 2019, as well as competitive at-bats/sim-game-type action. We will be ready to roll out our new tech partners, TrackMan, Blast Motion, Driveline, and Vizual Edge.

In the likelihood the event cannot be held at Folsom Lake College due to Covid-19 precautions on that campus we have a contingency plan to hold it at Islanders Field in Lathrop on the same date. We also have alternative dates secured later in the summer. We have NOT adjusted the date at this time and are constantly surveying potential necessary changes.

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C Jacob Weiss (Atwater HS) - report from 6/9/19

2020 C Jacob Weiss (Pacific commit) stands at 6-foot-1 (now 6-foot-2), 195-pounds and after seeing Weiss multiple times over the last year, we see the long frame firming up with added strength continuing to grow. The frame has a high waist and squared up shoulders and the added strength plays up his athleticism and loose hips helping him get moving quickly (7.06 60yd); it would not be surprising see the Pacific commit still add another 5-10 lbs as he matures and gets on the college strength workout without it taking away from his overall frame and profile. 

In a deep class of catchers, Weiss continues to stand out with his tools including above average bat speed showing budding power. At the plate Weiss shows calm and patience with loose wrists working through a short load and slight foot lift that he manipulates to stay on time as he swings from a strong launch position. The barrel has a quick turn to get on plane and works in time with the back hip driving through the zone on a slightly upward path (93 EV). Weiss shows the ability to manipulate the barrel allowing him to hit the ball all around the field with easy carry into the gaps currently; when he stays in the backside the ball jumps off the bat flashing the growing pop and ability to create leverage on the baseball. 

Defensively Weiss is as solid as they come showing agility and quickness, strength in the arm and the footwork to be an above-average catcher at the next level. The transfer from glove to hand is quick and compact allowing him to drive off the back leg and utilize the compact arm and quick release to throw runners out (1.98-2.04 Pop, 78 MPH); throws will have some slight tail, but he's able to utilize it and keep it on the bag. The fundamentals are sound and I continue to see a catcher who works at his craft and improve his skills.

With such a deep group of catchers in not only the state, but in particular in Northern Californai, Weiss could be overlooked (even as a two time Area Code participant), but that would be a mistake as he's continued to progress and make jumps. Weiss is the type of high floor player that looks ready to make an impact through the rest of the summer and into the 2020 season and positioned, with what we expect to be a good college career, to be an upper round selection in the 2023 draft.


Of course given the Covid-19 pandemic, future event dates/locations could change. If they do, we will alert all registered players and make adjustments to our calendar.
Norcal Underclass Games (INVITE-ONLY) CA 06/06 Islanders Field - Lathrop
Northern California ProCase (INVITE ONLY) CA 06/13 Folsom Lake College or Islanders Field
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