ProCase 2019 - A Look Back at C Daniel Susac

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


PODCAST: Northern CA ProCase

The 2019 Northern CA ProCase was held last June 9th at Delta College in Stockton and it featured all but one of the local talents who are in the mix for the upper rounds of the 2020 draft. Of course MLB hasn't announced a draft date yet and we don't know the number of rounds, which could be five at a minimum.

We've begun to build the roster for the 2020 ProCase, where the players will again be put through a pro-style workout with various stats/data recorded during the workouts which can be found HERE from 2019, as well as competitive at-bats/game-type action. 

If the event cannot be held at Folsom Lake College due to Covid-19 precautions we have a contingency plan to hold it at Islanders Field in Lathrop. We have NOT adjusted the date at this time and are constantly surveying potential necessary changes.

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C Daniel Susac (Jesuit HS) - Report from 6/9/19

Daniel Susac, a 2020 catcher and an Arizona commit, is listed at 6-foot-2, 215-pounds (presently 6-3, 215). He's long and lanky, with present strength but a frame that will hold muscle gains as he approaches physical maturity. One of his best physical assets is his lower body agility, which he regularly displays on throws from his knees to all bases. The actions he displays behind the plate are those of a future plus defender at the catcher position. As an indication of his loose lower body and overall athleticism (he's also a very talented quarterback), he posted a very respectable 7.17 60-yard time.

As for measurable tools possessed by Susac, the arm and bat both project as plus tools at the professional level. The power arm/power bat profile is the most attractive profile for catchers, from the perspective of MLB scouts. Susac has an extremely loose arm and the ball leaps out of his hand. There is some tail on his throws and that is something to work on. But coming out of his hand at 85-86 mph, it's clear that he's got a big time arm. Furthermore, he's confident and very willing to use that arm strength at any time, at any base. During the spring season I saw him back pick runners at 2nd base who didn't appear to be all that far off the bag, but his arm is simply stronger than what high school baserunners experience. I've also observed infielders get surprised by how quickly Susac's throws get on them. His workout pop times were 1.95-2.02 and I've witnessed quicker than that last spring.

As a receiver he has soft and strong hands and sees the ball early out of his pitcher's hand. He can shift quietly and smoothly both left and right and has the ability to block and recover with athleticism and skill. He can occasionally get a little lax with blocks and some of that comes from perhaps a bit too much focus on where he is going to throw on a given pitch. However, the tools to be a well above average receiver and at least average blocker are present. Another trait that stands out for Susac are his communications skills with pitchers and infielders. Given that he has been raised in a baseball family and his older brother Andrew is a big league catcher and was an elite high school and college talent, the intangibles are part of what make him such an attractive prospect.

Offensively he employs swing mechanics that are a bit reminiscent of Kris Bryant. He has swung a wood bat exclusively at the high school level so when it comes time to ink a pro contract, he won't need to make the transition to wood that many players have to make. Susac posted a 98 mph exit speed... off a tee, with said wood bat. His bat speed is not forced either, it happens easily. His BP rounds showed hit ability to drive the ball from gap to gap, with home run power and the ability to stay inside the ball and control the barrel. The power plays to both gaps. He also took a round from the left side and it's something he has worked on, but not yet used much in high school competition. Perhaps he will as a senior (he is presently still working on developing the LHH swing). The swing worked well, looked quite natural, and though not power like his right handed swing, he did show that he can pepper the oppo gap and drive the ball that way.

In a 2020 draft class with an uncommon amount of elite high school catching prospects in California, there will be differing opinions regarding who the top prospect is, Tyler Soderstrom, Kevin Parada, or Susac, but to be sure, all are elite prospects.


Of course given the Covid-19 pandemic, future event dates/locations could change. If they do, we will alert presently registered players and make adjustments to our calendar. 

Norcal Underclass Games (INVITE-ONLY) CA 06/06 Islanders Field - Lathrop
Northern California ProCase (INVITE ONLY) CA 06/13 Folsom Lake College or Islanders Field
SoCal Underclass Games (INVITE ONLY) CA 06/13 Hart Park
SoCal ProCase (INVITE ONLY) CA 06/14 Hart Park
CA State Games ID (Norcal) CA 06/16 Islanders Field - Lathrop
California State Games CA 07/25 Southern California