PBA Scout Day Player Analysis I

Joey Cohen


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LOS ANGELES, CA.Forty-eight players divided into groups of 4-6 came through the baseball diamond over a three day period to be worked out by PBA coaches while PBR provided coverage and data capture through Trackman and Blast Motion. 

Players were put through their workouts designed by coaches and PBR took measurements and analyzed/evaluated players. We recently featured some players in both the Quick Hits and the Stats Leaders stories. 

We will continue to roll out more in-depth coverage of the workout as we take a closer look at the players beginning today with the Player Analysis piece. 

Thomas Bridges SS / RHP / Harvard Westlake, CA / 2024

Body: 5-9, 145, athletic frame with a lean body. Room to tack on some weight and muscle. 

Hit: Swing is simple and compact. Utilizes a toe tap trigger and gets his hands into a good early connection position. Also has some internal rotation and sits into the back hip and rides it forward. His on-plane % per Blast Motion were very good. 

Power: Only showed line-drive gap to gap power but hit mechanics are clean. With strength and weight gains, he could add bat speed which will also translate to added power. 

Field: Has some plus defensive movements at SS. Is quick to the ball with good reads. He takes good angles and is comfortable on the move. His actions seem confident as he doesn’t second guess himself. Can see him staying at SS if he continues to add physicality. 

Arm: 76mph across the diamond from SS; Clean throwing mechanics with a quick arm. The ball leaves his hand with life and tracks well. With the arm where it is, it’s good enough to stay at SS. 

Arm Action: Has a very clean loose arm action out of the high ¾ arm slot with advanced arm speed for age. Everything comes out on time and out in front with good extension. Arm speed was consistent throughout all pitch types. 

Delivery: Keeps his head still and cements his back leg into the rubber which allows him to drive down the mound and utilize gravity. Also is quite stable at foot landing with a soft front side that makes me believe the delivery is quite repeatable for him. 

Pitches: FB T80 (78-79), CH 71-73, SL 70-73. 

Run: 7.71 laser timed 60 

Dominic Carnes SS / RHP / El Camino Real Charter , CA / 2021

Body: 5-9, 155 pounds, short compact athletic frame. Not much room for growth in height but can add more muscle without impediment.

Hit: Utilizes a leg kick trigger that gets him into his legs. As he stretches out his legs the hands get pulled creating good hip/shoulder separation. Bat gets on the plane efficiently as the bat works back before turning through the backside. The swing path was consistently flat to upward shown with consistent positive attack angles on Blast Motion. 

Power: Showed decent power as hitting several deep fly balls and line drives to both gaps. Sequences his body well to maximize power. 

Arm: SS 67 mph: Was throwing with intent to get rid of the ball quickly which he did with a short arm action. Gets his feet under him efficiently allowing him to get rid of the ball quickly. 

Field: Good reads and reactions at SS. Takes good angles which helps him extend his range. Light on his feet with soft hands. Shows he can change arm angles for a variety of different throws. Also shows an ability to adjust well to bad/nonroutine hops. 

Run: 7.40 laser timed 60. 

Sean Elsee 1B / LHP / William S. Hart, CA / 2023

Body: 5-8, 140 pounds. Athletic frame, lean body with long legs. 

Hit: Hit mechanics are advanced as the first thing you see is how efficiently he coils/internally rotates and gets into his backside. Utilizes a leg kick while his hands work back then the bat starts working in the zone early and on the plane through to extension. 

Power: Maximizes his power with his hit mechanics but with added muscle for strength gains it could be a very powerful swing. He showcased warning track power to the pull side with long fly balls to center. 

Arm: Was quick from glove to release with good footwork that gets him in position to make accurate throws. 

Field: Plus feet for a 1B as they were agile and quick. Really good glove skills as well as hand to glove exchanges on throws to second. Also picked it well at first with good movements around the bag. Athleticism could lead to an easy transition to OF if needed. 

Delivery: Utilizes a belt-high leg lift. Drops down a little into his legs and pushes off the rubber. Finishes online with the plate, a soft front side, and in a good fielding position. 

Arm Action: Pitches out of the high ¾ slot with long loose arm action. Releases out in front with good extension. 

Pitches: FB T73 (71-72), CB 61-63, CH 64, CUTTER 66-69

Run: 8.13 laser timed 60. 

Sam Grunberg 3B / 1B / Calabasas, CA / 2022

Body: 6-2, 215. A large muscular frame with broad shoulders. 

Hit: Bat speed (consistent 70mph+) is well above average but very raw without much lower half usage in his swing. Hands stay neutral throughout the swing with very minimal head movement. Is balanced at foot strike with no front side leakage. 

Power: Present power from an upper body swing that doesn’t utilize too much the lower half. Drove several balls to the fence in both gaps during BP.

Arm: 3B Velo-72mph- Short arm action and is clean in glove to hand transitions. Gets his feet under him to make accurate throws. 

Field: Moves pretty well for his size and his hands are soft. Takes good first steps and has average lateral movement quickness. 


Niko Price 3B / 1B / Harvard Westlake, CA / 2022

Body: 5-11, 180 pounds, athletic build with a sizable frame. 

Hit: Relaxed in his stance with a slight bend in his legs. When the foot is down early he can keep his hands back to avoid front side leakage. Coils well with quick hands. Good barrel taking inside pitches that he was late on up the middle. 

Power: Has above-average bat speed that is mostly generated through his hands. BP rounds showcased hard line drives up the middle and pull side. 

Field: Decent feet at 3B as he took the right angles to the ball. Quickness and range are adequate as improvements could be made in both areas. Glove actions were good in terms of catching in the sweet spot and transitions to hand for release. Also displayed smooth DP turns to second. 

Arm: 3B Velo- 76mph- Arm strength seems to be a tool that can improve and become above average. Was accurate with throws and had a short and quick arm action. 

Run: 8.23 laser timed 60. 

Noah Yun 1B / OF / Harvard-Westlake, CA / 2021

Body: 5-10, 180 pounds, sturdy frame with strong legs with room to add more physicality. 

Hit: Yun is quiet at stance with his hands low, bat resting on his shoulders, and pre-engaged into his backside. Utilizes a mild leg kick that gets him to move forward. Hands work back and up at the beginning of his leg kick. Swing path ranged from steep to flat. 

Power: BP rounds showcased line drive, gap-to-gap power mostly pull side.  

Field: One of the top 1B’s we saw this showcase. Smooth and comfortable glove actions. Light on his feet and takes the right first step to the ball. Plays ground balls athletically with soft hands and quick transitions from glove to hand. 

Arm: Has his ability to throw from different angles when he needs to. Made accurate throws on DP’s while most throws came from the sidearm slot. 

Run: 7.78 laser timed 60.

Malachi Soqui 1B / OF / Hart , CA / 2021

Body: 5-9, 175 pounds, Strong athletic build with muscular legs. Has some room in his upper half to fill out.

Hit: Hit tool is raw with unique mechanics. Leans into his backside at stance and starts his body movement early. Coils slowly and hands move back with a barrel tip toward the catcher. Strides forward to a firm front side. Shows explosive use of the lower half with present bat speed.

Power: Showcased some raw power during BP. When he gets out in front of balls they are usually launched. Hit a couple of balls over the right-field fence. 96 exit Velo off BP. 

Field: Good agile footwork and reactions. Has soft hands and catches the ball cleanly. Also showed smooth footwork around the bag. 

Arm: Good lower body movements get him in a good position to make throws. Showed some inconsistencies in his throws, but overall the hands/arm worked. 

Run: 7.54 laser timed 60.