PBA Scout Day Player Analysis III

PBR California Staff


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LOS ANGELES, CA. - Forty-eight players divided into groups of 4-6 came through the baseball diamond over a three day period to be worked out by PBA coaches while PBR provided coverage and data capture through Trackman and Blast Motion. 

Players were put through their workouts designed by coaches and PBR took measurements and analyzed/evaluated players. We recently featured some players in both the Quick Hits and the Stats Leaders stories. 

We will continue to roll out more in-depth coverage of the workout as we take a closer look at the players beginning today with the Player Analysis piece. 

Christopher Kishel OF / RHP / Valencia , CA / 2022

Body: 6'1" - 175lbs; Quality Outfield Frame 

Hit: Loads with hands high before slashing downward and finishing high. Consistently put the ball in the air with a high showing of line drives and fly balls to the middle part of the field. Power potential with strength and twitch development. 

Power: Average currently, 88 MPH Exit Velocity

Arm: 76 MPH Outfield Velocity

Field: Fielded with ease, keeping glove close to body and out in front. Long arm swing inhibits quick release. 

Run: 7.91 60-Yard


Delivery: Consistent mechanics and stuff. Repeats pitches well. High hand set up, long arm swing with some whippy action. Releases fastball, changeup and curveball from the same release height and side. Shortening of arm swing could lead to jump in fastball velocity and break 

FB: 72-74; 1710 Median Spin Rate, Locates in well 

CH: 68-69; 966 Median Spin Rate, Fade and Run 

SL: 64-68; 1481 Median Spin Rate, Consistent Back Foot Break

Jimmy Moltini C / 3B / Bullard, CA / 2022

Body: 5'10" - 210lbs; Sturdy Catchers Frame 

Hit: Quiet load with low hands and little pre-pitch movement. Short stroke with good bat to ball could help with next level velocity increases. Some inside out to his swing as his entire batting practice session resulted in right-center to right-field spray chart results. 

Power: Average currently, 88 MPH Exit Velocity

Arm: 74 MPH Catcher Velocity

Field: Gives a good target and receives well. Clocked in at 2.08 - 2.18 - 2.21 - 2.28 on throw downs to second. Impressed with throws consistently on the bag. Average blocking skills and feel behind the plate. Solid high school catcher with room for improvement. 

Run: 8.17 60-Yard

Victor Pico SS / OF / Hart , CA / 2021

Body: 5'9" - 155lbs; Infield Athlete 

Hit: Low hands and pre-pitch coil helps generate bat speed, extension and keeps the bat through the zone. Leg kick generates power but also hurts his timing. Solid overall swing that will develop well with growth and development. Spray chart showed consistent left-center approach, ability to hit to the opposite field will elevate his game and give him next level potential. 

Power: 81 MPH Exit Velocity

Arm: 76 MPH Infield Velocity

Field: Solid overall infield showing, displaying feel for the position and soft hands on transfers. Used his lower half well and moved athletically to position himself for throws. Lacks elite infield quickness inhibiting his next level short-stop projection but has the ability to stay there with development and could prosper with a switch to second base. 

Run: 7.51 60-Yard

Scotty Pieper OF / LHP / Valencia , CA / 2022

Body: 5'8" - 140lbs; Athletic Potential 

Hit: Keeps his hands back well, helping generate bat speed and extension through the zone despite a small stature. Classic left-handed swing look and feel with some inside out to his swing resulting in spray chart results from left-center to right-center. Could benefit from a leg kick and has some power potential down the line. 

Power: Average currently, 84 MPH Exit Velocity

Arm: 76 MPH Outfield Velocity

Field: Soft hands made his outfield fielding look smooth, choppy feet slowed down his approach. Short arm swing in the back helps quicken up his release, uses his body well to generate power in his throws. Potential in all three outfield spots. 

Run: 7.75 60-Yard

Greg Pierantoni 3B / SS / Notre Dame , CA / 2023

Body: 6'1" - 180lbs; Solid frame with room for more 

Hit: Simple approach, old school feel with no batting gloves and bat to ball hitting approach. Spray chart showed ability to hit to all fields. Averaged 20.49° launch angle with an average launch angle of 14° when recording an exit velocity over 90 mph. Record two batted balls over 90+ mph exit velocity and averaged 83.68 mph exit velocity.

Power: Above-Average for 2023, 91 MPH Exit Velocity

Arm: 77 MPH Infield Velocity

Field: Corner outfield or infield look and feel. Short arm swing helps quicken up his release. Executed long hop throws to home very well and on target. Made the necessary plays at third base but lacking quick burst to the ball. Consistent showing at both positions. 

Run: 7.11 60-Yard

Bennett Price C / 1B / Oak Park, CA / 2022

Body: 5’11" - 160lbs; Solid catchers frame 

Hit: Drops hands and keeps them close to his body. Generates a healthy hack and looks to launch balls, averaging 28.59° launch angle with an average exit velocity of 73.13 mph. Spray chart results showed a knack for right-center field and center field results. Early firing of the hips could result in more power and the ability to pull the ball. 

Power: Average currently, 87 mph exit velocity

Arm: 71 MPH Catchers throw down velocity

Field: Showed knowledge of the position and correct catchers footwork but lacking elite foot speed. Fires throws to second and first using his whole body to generate power. Throw downs to second base averaged 2.21-2.31. 

Run: 7.89 60-Yard

Cade Schwartz C / SS / Valencia , CA / 2021

Body: 5’10 - 155lbs; Twitchy 

Hit: Swings uphill, looking to drive and pull. Intriguing approach as the bat stays through the zone but could struggle with off speed. Averages 13.08° launch angle and an average exit velocity speed of 76.36 mph. Spray chart shows consistent left side results. 

Power: Average, 84 mph exit velocity

Arm: 68 MPH Catchers velocity, 67 mph infield velocity 

Field: Sneaky fast with some twitch behind the plate. Keeps his body tight and low helping him release the ball quickly, resulting in a pop time of 2.07-2.21. Blocked well thanks to lateral ability and his ability to keep his body low. Showed the ability to transition in the infield but future is behind the plate. 

Run: 7.75 60-Yard

Kobe Silva LHP / 1B / Bishop Alemany , CA / 2022

Body: 5'10" - 154lbs; Developing with room for more

Delivery: Showed good balance and load with Clayton Kershaw style mechanics. Slight pause at the top of his leg kick before driving down the mound. Looked poised despite having no catcher and implemented breath work pitch-to-pitch, showing maturity and mental strength. 

Arm Action: Kershaw balance and drive mechanics help propel his arm to extension at a high ¾ arm slot. Showed some arm speed but is a decelerator in the follow through. Releases his three pitch mix from the same repeatable arm slot which will greatly help his development and ability to hide his pitches. 

FB: 75-77 mph; 2305 max spin rate - 2250 median spin rate

SL: 57-60 mph; 2109 max spin rate - 2005 median spin rate 

CB: 54-61 mph; 2177 max spin rate - 2063 median spin rate 

Tanner Forbus OF / LHP / Centennial, CA / 2023

Body: 5’10” - 150lbs; Twitch and Athleticism

Hit: Short level swing with a simple approach. Keeps hands low and looks to make solid contact. Spray chart indicated an even mix of ground balls and fly balls with the majority of batted balls to right-center but showed the ability to hit the other way. Averaged 13° launch angle degree. 

Power: 74 mph median exit velocity, 84 mph maximum exit velocity

Arm: 73 mph outfield exit velocity

Field: The only outfielder that showed true feel and knowledge of proper crow-hop outfield fielding mechanics. Maximizes his arm strength and command of his throws to third and home plate. Consistently 73 mph from the outfield. Good footwork helped him gather himself and set his feet correctly. 

Run: 7.50 60-Yard


Delivery: Quality left-hander with funk to his delivery, high leg kick with speed, drives down the mound well with quality extension. Steps across his body well, overall hides the ball well helping play up his fastball and deception on his off-speed pitches. Releases from a fairly consistent ¾ arm slot. Change-up is above average for his age, moves very similar to his fastball with ideal speed differential giving the pitch great down the line prospects. 

Arm Action: Arm works at an average clip with potential for me. Deception is his best asset helping play up his pitches. Hopeful velocity jump could put this left-hander on the division 1 radar. 

FB: 72-74 mph, 1709 median spin rate - 1846 maximum spin rate 

CH: 63-65 mph, 1683 median spin rate - 1686 maximum spin rate 

CB: 63-65 mph, 1937 median spin rate - 2082 maximum spin rate

Davis White RHP / OF / Harvard-Westlake , CA / 2023

Body: 6’2” - 160lbs; Good size with room for more 

Hit: Low hands with a smooth finish. Ball sounded good off the bat. Some tightness in the hips inhibits his dead pull ability. Spray chart showed the majority of batted balls as line drives to left-center with an average launch angle of 20.24°. 

Power: 75 mph median exit velocity, 81 mph maximum exit velocity

Arm: 83 mph outfield exit velocity

Field: Fielded okay and made the necessary throws with a slightly above-average throwing velocity from the outfield. Choppy footwork slowed down his approach. Has the potential to become a quality corner outfielder. 

Run: 7.26 60-Yard


Delivery: Simple delivery and stuff that makes you think of a ‘Johnny High School’ right-handed pitcher. Could really benefit from using his above-average size to his benefit by speeding up and heightening his leg kick. Showed feel and poised despite not throwing to a catcher. 

Arm Action: Releases from a high ¾ arm slot. Should better arm speed in the outfield when the emphasis was letting it go so there is current potential for more velocity. 

FB: 77-80 mph, 1862 median spin rate - 1917 maximum spin rate 

CH: 71-73 mph, 1689 median spin rate - 1722 maximum spin rate 

CB: 68-69 mph, 2050 median spin rate - 2200 maximum spin rate