Norcal ProCase Spotlight: RHP/OF Ty Uber

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting

LINCOLN, CA. - Uber, ranked #35 in California (13th among RHP), has a load of physical talent. He's a multi-sport athlete and a multi-position player on the diamond. Given his physical tools and the explosive big strong body, given the lack of time dedicated to A. just baseball and B. to either pitching or hitting, and its not hard to see that what he is now is only a glimpse of what he's got a chance to grow into. Big league body and some big league tools. Three years at Stanford and dedicated development in baseball, the ceiling is HIGH! 


Body: 6-foot-3, 225-pounds. One look at the burly, physical, and athletic body and that box is checked.

Delivery: Smooth delivery, easy knee lift, swings leg slightly back as he gathers pre-separation, lead leg goes down and out with gliding move down the slope. Overhand slot, loose easy arm with clean on backside w/mid-thigh depth. On-line stride, lands with closed strike plant foot, maintains outstanding body control throughout, finishes delivery.

FB: Sat 88-90, T90.43 mph / 2399 avg spin rate (2537 max) / 12.6 avg IVB (max 15.3) / 8 avg horizontal movement (HM) (max 16.5) - The spin rate is above average in relation to MLB pitchers from the 2019 season (2266) and the max of 2537 scratches the very high range. Flashing a 15.3 IVB starts to paint the picture of how effective he can be up in the zone. To get there, his extension will have to start creeping higher from the average 5.18 we saw at ProCase. The average HM shows a mostly straight fastball but that max of 16.5, gave a glimpse of his ability to manipulate the ball to the arm side.

SL: 79-82 mph - 2306 avg spin rate / horizontal movement avg - 7.8 / zone % - 40% - the spin rate is approaching MLB average (2414) and the velocity is good. The movement and depth are on the smaller side of the ranges. He has the ability to spin it but the lack of bite indicates that the slider is more cutter than slider, which could be a good thing if that pitch is developed. This would be the area where he's going to have to develop most so as to develop a starter's type repertoire. The extension of 4.53 is part of the story regarding the lack of depth of the pitch.

CHG: 84 mph - Effective velocity avg of 82.5 / avg spin rate - 2067 spin rate / 7.8 HM / 5.27 extension - 13.1 IVB - this pitch has many similar attributes to his fastball, indicating the opportunity to use it in FB counts and find tremendous success. The release height of both pitches is nearly identical, the extension is a little better than on his fastball and the movement is greater. The spin rate is 300 rpm off the fastball, which results in downward movement in the zone, at about 7-8 mph less than the FB, just enough to get hitters on the front foot and elicit soft contact.

Pitching Summary: He got the raw stuff and the metrics that align very favorably with stuff. Coming from a small HS program and being a multi-sport AND multi-position baseball player means that he's not only a talented kid, but he's really just scratching the surface of who/what he can be on the mound. That arrow is pointed straight up... the gut feel says mid-rotation starter potential at the big league level. The development of the breaking ball is the key to that happening.

Hit: RH - His Blast on-plane efficiency of 72% rates just above the ideal range of 70% or higher. The rotational acceleration numbers are an area to improve upon (avg 8.28 g). That number is an indication of how quickly a hitter can accelerate the bat into the swing plane, which then correlates to how long can he let the ball travel before committing to 'swing' or 'take' and that's a big deal. Uber is short to the ball and also short through it, seemingly leaving something in the tank when it comes to driving the baseball.

Power: 94 EV (avg 88 mph) in live BP (courtesy of TrackMan) using a wood bat. The max batspeed of 70.5 (courtesy of Blast) is in the ideal range of 66-78, as is his average of 67.08. Bat speed obviously correlates to power potential, though the average hand speed of 21.6 is slightly below the ideal range of 23-29 for pro level category. However, given that he's still a HS player, there is clearly room for development. 

Field: There are a couple (at least) of extra steps that he takes to get rid of the ball and though the surface the OFs had to field on was a bit shaggy, his approach was still on the conservative side. The footspeed obviously indicates potential for at least average range, though the methodical approach to the ball also starts to speak to how his first step plays. All that being said, the surface very well could have been a major contributing factor.

Arm: OF mph - 92 - The arm strength is clearly a plus tool. Gets plenty of carry on the throws though as mentioned in the fielding notes, the time it takes him to get rid of it does sap some of the impact his plus arm can have. His throws did track direct to the target with true backspin.

Run: 6.90 in the 60 yard on a turf surface. 6-foot-3, 225-pounds at that speed plays big time into his projectability.

Summary: The overall profile suggests that there are tools and talents to see how the offensive tools play out early in his college career and he should be given that chance to show what he can do as a corner OF. Stanford has produced many physical corner outfielders over the years, so it's in the realm of possibility. The gut feel here is that the pitching abilities will take precedence during his years on The Farm, with the raw stuff and more importantly, the underlying metrics supporting the raw stuff. A big and physical athlete with explosive athleticism, his ceiling as a pitcher would seem to be as a mid-rotation type of arm at the big league level. 



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