Norcal ProCase Spotlight: RHP Sky Jones

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


LINCOLN, CA. - Jones, presently our 150th ranked 2021 in California (37th among RHP), was one of the most eye-popping performers during the ProCase. That ranking seems like a good bet to improve in the next 2021 update. He came to the event with a fairly low profile and among many scouts, came in with NO profile. Well, after punching out all four batters he faced, three with his filthy slider, he was firmly on the radar and parlayed his performance at the ProCase into a spot on the Athletics Area Code Games team.


Body: 6-foot-1, 200-pounds. Thick and powerful body type, muscular from calves all the way up through his shoulders.

Delivery: Simple with good hand/foot rhythm, high knee lift with tuck and gather over the rubber, separates on time as he starts down the slope, kicks out stride foot as he sits into his backside, firm strike foot w/online direction, creates leverage and torque against stride leg, shallow backside arm action, quick arm, sneaky high-3/4 slot not easy to pick up for hitters.

FB: Sat 90-91 mph, aggressively uses FB in attacking manner, plays quicker than the velocity due to that sneaky release point. Avg spin rate 2159 w/high of 2318 and impressive average induced vertical break of 18.8, w/high of 21.2, indicating what we saw live, that being his ability to pitch up in the zone.

SL: With that ability to pitch up in the zone w/FB, his slider (76-81 mph) plays exceptionally well off of that. Tight and tilty slider w/depth, used this pitch to punch out 3 of the 4 batters, twice looking. Average 2200 spin rate w/high of 2379. Feel of the pitch and ability to locate it were impressive.

CB: Flashed this pitch, 73 mph, but just the one. Clearly the slider that is his main secondary offering.

CHG: Did not show or utilize a CHG

Summary: The demeanor, the two-pitch repertoire, the raw stuff, and the ability to strike out batters all suggest he's got the makings of a late inning/high leverage type reliever, both at the collegiate level and beyond. Good chance he will be able to add more spin to the slider and with additional velocity gains to the fastball, his ability to pitch up in the zone w/the fastball will allow him to get punch-outs w/both pitches.