Norcal ProCase Spotlight: OF Jace Avina

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


LINCOLN, CA. - Avina, presently the 13th ranked 2021 in Nevada (6th among OFs) got onto our radar when PBR Nevada director Brett Harrison emailed us about getting Avina into the ProCase. Given that the Reno area is generally part of the Northern CA MLB scouting territory, it made sense. It made even more sense when Harrison gave us a breakdown of Avina's tools. What he told us about Avina was impressive. What we saw of Avina LIVE was even MORE impressive. The over 50 MLB personnel in attendance must have felt the same way as Avina was included on the Athletics' Area Code Games team.


Body: 6-foot-2, 175-pounds. Lean, sinewy, streamlined, built like a WR. Given his present tools, as he gains musculature and physical maturity those tools could really explode.

Hit: RH - Quiet & clean mechanics, separates well through contact, worked all fields in BP rounds & showed the same approach in game ABs, including a LD single through the middle. Slight knee lift, lands w/stability on stride leg, maintains body control throughout the swing. Showed swing adjustability. His bat speed registered as high as 77.4 mph w/peak hand speed of 23 mph (courtesy of Blast Motion).

Power: Given the 100 EV during the BP rounds (courtesy of TrackMan) while using wood, clearly there is power potential. His hot zone was the lower quadrant in the middle of the plate with an AVG EV of 96.05 and launch angle of 18.31. As he gains man-muscle there will be HR power, grading out in the future as above average.

Field: Chance to develop into an above average/plus defender, with the speed and arm strength and natural athleticism to not only take away hits w/above average range, but also a powerful and accurate arm.

Arm: Long-ish, pitcher-type AA, overhand delivery, patterns his feet and release quite well and many throws were either accurate and easy to handle one-hops or on-a-line darts. Arm will play as a plus attribute at the college level and beyond.

Run: 6.65 - on a quick turf surface he took advantage and posted the lowest time at the event.

Summary: Chance to develop into a 5-tool talent, with the run, power, field, throw tools all grading out as future plus (at the least, above average. The one tool that separates all players, particularly high school hitters is the hit tool. From what we saw of the swing mechanics and lively body, I'd feel comfortable putting a future 50 grade on his hit tool. There will be viewings of him in the spring season as we are talking about a future CF w/a chance to hit. Having seen A.J. Pollock in high school, that comp seems apt for Avina.