Norcal ProCase Spotlight: 3B/P Jake Sapien

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


LINCOLN, CA. - Sapien, ranked #48 in California (1st among 3rd basemen), up some numbers in various categories that jumped off the page. The exit velo, the max fastball, his max bat speed, fastball spin, and IVB reflect numbers of a very physically talented player. The ProCase had numerous two-way talents and when taken all together, its not a stretch to say that his total tool set rated as the 'biggest' and most physical.


Body: 6-foot-3, 212-pounds. Thick and physical, particularly throughout his lower body.

Hit: RH - Smooth easy stroke, comfortable and calm setup, very relaxed and confident looking in the box. Line drive % of 40%, with equal % of fly balls to ground balls (26.7%). Hard hit % of 73% (granted, in BP rounds) is a high number and speaks very favorably to his ability to get hits. His on-plane efficiency of 59% is an area to improve and as that happens, the line drive % goes up, which along with hard hit %, would project very nicely. Rotational acceleration avg of 11.38 (g) is an area to improve.

Power: 101 EV (avg 94 mph recorded via TrackMan) in two rounds of BP using a wood bat. His maximum of 73 mph bat speed rates above average in the ideal range as it pertains to that metric (66-78 for pro basebal). The average bat speed of 67.61 shows quite a bit of variance between his peak and his average, suggesting that when he recognizes a pitch he can do damage with, he really lets it fly. There is home run power here.

Field: Soft hands and a quick release both play well at 3rd base. The range may be tested given the modest footspeed. Got rid of the ball well when he kept his feet moving. Certainly looked more than adequate of playing an average 3rd base and the hands and ability to get rid of the ball quickly would also play well at 1st base.

Arm: 3B mph - 85 - Not a bazooka in the field (though T93 on mound) but a strong arm nonetheless. Ability to get it underway alllows the arm to play no less than average. Throws carried across the diamond, tracking to the target.

Run: 7.63 in the 60 yard on a turf surface. 

Summary: The ability to pound the baseball and drive it with power should get him ample opportunities as a position player early on in his college career. Whether that is at 3rd base or 1st base remains a question, but RHH power is definitely part of what he will bring to the table. To be able to utilize his potential as a high leverage reliever on the mound might end up pushing him to 1st base, where the wear and tear on the body is less, not to mention, where his range would be less of a detriment. Regardless, there is middle of the line-up run-producing talent here. 


Delivery: Gets work done over the rubber, with no runners on has high knee lift to mid-section, on-line direction down slope, lands slightly closed w/balance, creating leverage and ability to maximize extension. Loose fast arm, high backside elbow before making move forward. Head action indicates the violence of his delivery. His release height of around 4.80 favors his ability to pitch up in the zone.

FB: Sat 88-91, T93 mph / 2180 avg spin rate (2356 max) / 16.2 avg IVB (max 17.9) / 6.3 avg horizontal movement (HM) (max 10.1) - The max spin rate gets into the above average range in relation to 2019 MLB numbers and the IVB metric is a very positive number for how his stuff plays through the strike zone, while also indicating his ability to be effective up in the zone. Also showed ability to create down angle. His average fastball has slight run, so being effective either up or at very bottom of zone is where he's going to be most effective.

SL: 72-75 mph - 2043 avg spin rate / horizontal movement avg - 9.2 - The eyeballs saw good action on this pitch, enough to get swings/misses. The bite and quickness of the slider on its own merits don't make it a swing and miss pitch, but the tilt and his high usage of the fastball allow this pitch to play up. 

CHG: 80 mph - Effective velocity avg of 78 mph / avg spin rate - 2085 spin rate / 11.6 HM / 5.46 extension - 14.8 IVB - Threw just the one and the pace he took off the average fastball works. Considerably lower spin that the fastball, allowing for just enough fade off the fastball look and the extension was identical to the fastball. The release height was also very similar to the fastball.

Pitching Summary: He got the raw stuff of a closer, max effort of a closer, and believe in his fastball that a closer has. His ability to get outs with the fastball is a trait that is very useful in that type of role. Given the delivery effort and basically two-pitch repertoire, the projection here is that he's utilized as a two-way player at Stanford his freshman year, to see how his various talents/tools play and then from there start to hone in on where he can have the biggest impact for the Cardinal. His role as a pitcher, whether in college or beyond looks to be the bullpen.



There will be additional events in Northern CA scheduled for October 10 & 11, stay tuned!

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