NorCal Uncommitted Senior Games: 3B/1B Analysis

PBR CA Scouting Staff

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LATHROP, CALIF. - The Northern California Uncommitted Senior Games took place at Islanders Field at River Islands on 9/26/20. Nearly 80 players attended, 8 took the reps at 3B or 1B.

TrackMan and Blast Motion were used during the BP session, tracking exit velocity, estimated distance, launch angle (those all from TM), hand speed, bat speed, rotational acceleration and numerous other data points for how each player's body is working in the swing.

Be on the look out for future reports on the outfielders and corner infielders. PitcherscatchersMIF, and OF were posted recently.

(Click to individual player profiles for full stats and video)

Listed by peak MPH Exit Velocity from BP (via TrackMan):

Zane Bennett, Casa Grande (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: 3B/OF
Body: 6-2, 205-pounds. XL proportional, muscular frame, high waist with strength in upper body
Hit: RHH. Compact set up with low hands that work up through the baseball. 
Power: Topped 99 MPH Exit Velo via Trackman in BP. Power is presently there with more to come.
Arm: RH. INF - 78 mph. Short action at 3B that plays in the IF. Topped out at 78MPH  across the diamond.
Defense: Fielded balls well to both sides, footwork will have to improve at the next level.
Run: 7.58 runner in the 60. 

Ben Pernetti, Pleasant Grove (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP
Body: 6-1, 205-pounds. XL frame. Ken Caminiti build.
Hit: LHH. Quiet set up with a leg kick and hand hitch that allows for some serious barrel whip through the zone. 
Power: Topped 97 MPH Exit Velo via Trackman in BP. Present power to the pull-side.
Arm: RH. INF - 79 mph. Short arm action that will play at 3B, was 79 MPH across the diamond during defensive workout.
Defense: Moved laterally to both sides well, showed quality glove work and the ability to throw on the run.
Run: 7.49 runner in the 60. 

Nick Baltz, Bear River (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: 3B/1B
Body: 5-11, 200-pounds. Large proportional frame, good base, with strength in lower half
Hit: RHH. Wide base with a toe tap and aggressive weight shift. Level barrel path. 
Power: Topped 97 MPH Exit Velo in BP via Trackman. Showed potential plus power during his round.
Arm: RH. INF - 78 mph. Topped 78 MPH during defensive workout. Short arm action that can play in the IF.
Defense: Relaxed movements, moved well laterally to field GB's and quality footwork.
Run: 7.38 runner in the 60. 

Tyler Tobey, Franklin (Elk Grove, CA), 2021
Positional Profile: 3B/2B
Body: 6-1, 195-pounds. Large, all around muscular frame with definition in arms and legs
Hit: RHH. Neutral set up with a toe tap and quick barrel turn through the zone. 
Power: Topped 96 MPH Exit Velo via Trackman in BP. Some present power there with room to fill out.
Arm: RH. INF - 80 mph. Longer arm action for the IF that topped out at 80 MPH during defensive workout.
Defense: Enjoyed watching him move around the infield showing lateral quickness and some solid glove work.
Run: 6.93 runner in the 60. 

Jayden Brown, Bridgton Academy (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: 1B/OF
Body: 6-4, 210-pounds. XL frame, high waist, large proportions.
Hit: RHH. Upright and compact set-up that allows for an aggressive weight shift during the swing. 
Power: Topped 96 MPH Exit Velo via Trackman in BP. Some present power that will increase with added strength.
Arm: RH. Longer arm action.
Defense: Moves well for size, showed the ability to move laterally to both sides to field GB's. 

Jake Lannert, Casa Grande (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: 1B/RHP
Body: 6-3, 180-pounds. Tall, wiry with sizeable frame for future strength/size gains.
Hit: RHH. Slightly open start with a compact base and leg kick timing mechanism. 
Power: 88 mph exit velocity from the tee. Topped 88 MPH Exit Velo via Trackman in BP. More power will come with added mass.
Arm: RH. INF - 78 mph. Long arm action that produced 78MPH across the diamond during defensive workout.
Defense: Showcased quality foot and glove work at 1B turning both DP's and going to 3rd.
Run: 7.89 runner in the 60. 

Will Florio, St. Francis (Mtn. View, CA), 2021 (Committed to Stonehill College)
Positional Profile: 1B/OF
Body: 6-2, 200-pounds. Large proportional frame with high waist
Hit: RHH. Showed some rhythm in the box with a load and go timing mechanism that produces solid bat speed. 
Power: Toped 88 MPH Exit Velo during BP via Trackman. Power will come as the hit tool develops.
Arm: RH. INF - 75 mph. Longer arm action that will play at 1B and topped at 75 MPH across the diamond.
Defense: Quality glove work at 1B, moved around well, had some trouble with transfers on DP's.
Run: 7.73 runner in the 60. 

Adam Lucken, Valley Christian (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 5-11, 182-pounds. XL frame with large proportions.
Hit: RHH. Wide to start with a mild leg kick and level barrel through the zone. 
Power: Topped 88 MPH Exit Velo via Trackman in BP. More power will come with added lean mass.
Arm: RH. C - 69 mph. INF - 68 mph. Shorter arm action from behind the plate that reached 69 MPH during his defensive workout.
Defense: Showed the ability to move around both behind the plate and in the infield fielding bunts and ground balls with ease.
Run: 8.91 runner in the 60.



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