NorCal ProCase Spotlight: OF Toran O'Harran

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


LINCOLN, CA. - O'Harran, presently our 6th ranked 2022 in California, was a very early commit to Stanford, one of the first 2022s in the region to verbal to a D1 program. He's always been known to be a good athlete, a legitimate 2-way HS talent who no doubt would get that shot at Stanford. But if a scout was to have his hand held over a fire and pick pitcher or OF as his future, pitcher would have been the choice. However, not that the pitching talent has backed off at all, it hasn't, it's just that when you see the numbers in that graphic above... they are very hard to ignore.

Not much needs to be said about the raw tools, the numbers reflect that they are outstanding, plus tools. The competitive ABs started to shed a bit more light on him, some positively and because of the quality of pitching he faced, also some questions. The results were a well-struck E4 (vs LHP Jack Nilsson) where his speed put pressure on the 2nd baseman and a backward K on a slider from RHP Devon Walczykowzki. One thing I do recall from the strikeout, was his facial reaction. As one of the elite talents in his grad class, there was a moment of reflection that said, 'hmmmm, there are some really talented guys out there and I've got some work to do.' That's a good thing.


Body: 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. Standing next to him he feels a bit less than that with the height, but regardless, he's lean and well-proportioned, with athletic musculature. Can imagine him in pads and looking the part of the best athlete on his side of the ball.

Hit: RHH, it's an athletic set-up with feet a bit wider than his shoulders, slight couch, medium stride, good timing, stays fairly flat w/some lower degree attack angle. Crisp sound off the bat, willing and able to use the middle of the field.

Power: Given his present strength, exit velo, and present swing plane, and middle of the field approach, it appears there are an abundance of extra base hits in his future, doubles and triples and occasional home runs that will be more of the line drive variety vs towering deep blasts. But he will have power and because the swing is easy and fluid, he's going to be able to access that tool.

Field: Pretty conservative approach to the ball, perhaps due to the long-ish, shaggy bermuda type grass. Short, choppy steps, good glove skills, traditional OF footwork to get to his release. Good direction had him in position to take advantage of his plus arm.

Arm: The OF velocity tells the story and seeing the carry on the throws, it's clear that he's got an arm that can be utilized as a deterrent for adventurous and aggressive baserunners. The arm stoke starts by getting deep below his waist, but he starts it early enough and with excellent body control, to be in sync with his feet. 

Run: 6.79 was his lowest of two times. Powerful strides, chewing up the yards, again, looking the part of a skill player if he were on a football field.

Summary: When putting it all together, and knowing what I know of him as a pitcher (saw him this June and the stuff was good, if not as crisp as he would have been with a full spring), I'd lean toward him doing more pitching than hitting at Stanford. That aside, strictly as a position player, because that's what he did at the ProCase, he showed every tool that would put him in position to be an elite college player and early contributor. The ability to hit, and how he is able to handle the breaking balls from high level RHPs would be the biggest question to figure out, no different than for any other HS hitter. I see him working in as both a pitcher and hitter early on at Stanford. Perhaps there are relief innings for him, maybe an occasional mid-week start and also spot starts in the OF, with some pinch hit at-bats, some pinch-running appearances, etc. That way the coaching staff gets much more information on this ultra-talented player.