NorCal ProCase Spotlight: OF Gavin Tonkel

Steve Doherty
Area Scout

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LINCOLN, CA. - The modern day athlete is bigger, stronger, faster than ever before.  Gavin Tonkel stands 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, with a large, athletic, frame. There's no doubt he possesses noticeable and projectable tools. It’s been clearly evident through our “Boots On The Ground” scouting efforts that Tonkel has had a consistent, steady progression of his skill set; and now those are catching up to the tools. The 50+ representatives from 24 MLB Organizations that were in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the profound talent on the NorCal ProCase roster would agree, and confirm Tonkel is big, strong, and fast. 


From an analytical and technical point of view, we have found Tonkel checks a lot of the boxes when it comes to Blast Motion Swing Metrics.  Blast data confirms that his Plane, Connection, and Rotational data analysis screams projection, with average to above average metrics to come as he grows, matures and gets stronger with age; something to be excited about.  Moving forward, like all young projectable athletes, he must be diligent in improving his tools and focus on attaining more overall strength.  


Body: Greyhound type body structure built for future power and speed. 

Hit: Quick hands, quiet, short stroke that has a straight path through zone. Tick above average bat speed with ability to pull hands in or extend and go the other way. Demonstrates bat control, and keeps feet balanced with mild load. Hit tool will play at any outfield position.

Power: Slight lift in swing, quick hands and tic above average bat speed allow for power to play. Barrels a lot of pitches but does not have a true power swing currently. Average raw power right now with more to come in the future

Field: Good instincts, routes are fine.  Has an understanding that he is not a speed demon and shifts his routes in moderation. Footwork was impressive and has a noticeable rhythm in approach to the ball.

Arm: Easy and accurate looking like a future plus arm for RF with the ability to keep throws firm all the way to the bag. 

Run:  Routinely clocks in the 4.2 - 4.4 range to first. Plus runner underway with greyhound-like qualities. Can reach sprint speed after a few strides. Will have some stolen base potential. Range in CF is above-average, and very good recovery speed. Puts pressure on a defense with his speed.


A hybrid between former MLB player Kevin McReynolds (New York Mets) and current MLB player Randal Grichuk (Toronto Blue Jays)


Consistency will be a key factor in Tonkel’s overall development moving forward. Finding his identity and using the tools he has been possessed with will determine if he will be in the discussion come June 2021.