NorCal ProCase Spotlight: C/3B Aaron Parker

Steve Doherty
Area Scout


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LINCOLN, CA. -  I have always admired baseball players that started as one thing, perhaps an infielder, outfielder, or pitcher, and transitioned into a better version of themselves at another position. Aaron Parker fits this model and demonstrates that having a foundation of playing multiple positions has given him the opportunity as a catcher to succeed, grow and become what is called the “Super-Utility” player, a swiss-army knife if you will. We can all agree that in this era, a utility type player with multiple skills on a baseball field, belongs on college and major league rosters.   

Blast Motion data captured shows that Parker has above average metrics and checks the boxes in “Plane” and “Rotation”.  We can predict that with his “Plane” metrics he will be able to stay on balls longer, and will be able to make the necessary adjustments with his body to get to contact. Parker’s high “Rotation” numbers suggest there is future over the fence power, and he is able to demonstrate the ability to sequence correctly by firing his hips before his hands, giving him the ability to square up secondary pitches.


Body:  Small, athletic, muscular, compact frame built for rigors of catching position. Currently Frame is maxed and stiffness may be settling in the upper body, so room for physical growth may be limited.

Hit:  Short stroke, yet ball jumps off bat. Head stays on ball with ability to make adjustments during in-game at-bats. Blast data indicates there may be some swing and miss due to average “Connection” metrics.

Power:  Shows raw power in BP. Plus bat speed, backed up by Blast metrics. Presently gap-to- gap, will develop with age.  Creates excellent leverage with short limbs and gets into a powerful hitting position at contact. Recorded a high exit velocity of 100MPH, suggestion there will be more power in the future. 

Field:  Average receiver, with quick hands. Instinctual player that profiles as a catcher, adn moves well laterally. Has the foundations of a middle-infielder and is able to throw from multiple positions. 

Arm:  Average arm tool, that has some carry. Throws to second base were online with pop times in the 1.94-2.07 range.

Run:  Runs extremely well for a catcher. Top of the lineup type speed clocking a 6.87 60-yard.


Christian Vazquez (Boston Red Sox)


Parker’s home will most likely be as a catcher, however strong, athletic players that have versatility in their game; a plug-in-play type, are extremely valuable on college rosters and give the option to play everyday. There’s no question he has the physical tools, strength, and impressive metrics to back it up.  The question will be, can he take his current tools and enhance them in a way that will show in a steady progression.