NorCal ProCase Spotlight: 3B/OF Patrick Keighran

Steve Doherty
Area Scout


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LINCOLN, CA. - Keighran is no stranger to PBR and has been on our radar for a couple of years now.  A few eye-opening performances at the 2019 Uncommitted Future Games (Team California), and some early looks in 2020, Keighran has earned the right to be in the NorCal ProCase event and in the discussion moving forward. The University of San Francisco Dons committed Keighran and saw what we saw all along; this kid can hit, and he can hit for power. In the age of analytics and modern day metrics, Keighran checks these boxes and it makes you feel good that you can hang your hat on it.

With 50+ representatives from 24 MLB Organizations in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the profound talent on the NorCal ProCase roster Keighran made a strong case for himself to be considered a follow into the 2021 season.  


Plane Analysis: Keighran demonstrated an average Plane Swing Performance compared to other players with similar level of play. MLB On-Plane Efficiency average is 73%. Players that stay longer on-plane can better make adjustments with their body. 

Connection Analysis: Keighran exhibited an average overall Connection Swing Performance comparatively, with flashes of above average metrics. To improve his swing quality, Patrick should focus on Connection drills, because players with good Early Connection metrics (MLB Average: 92°) generate more power to all parts of the field. 

Rotation Analysis: Patrick shows average Rotational Swing Performance metrics comparatively. MLB average is 16.8G’s.  To improve his swing quality, Keighran should focus on Rotation drills (Impact Heavy Bag) creating resistance, and develop more core strength.


Body: Physical, large frame with current strength. Keighran passes the eye test right away. 

Hit: Good feel for hit. Has the ability to use all fields. His longer levers however, create some swing and miss, as his hands creep away from his body at times. Can delay upper body after hip fire to adjust to off-speed. 

Power: Has some raw power with a strong lower half that generates good hand speed. Shows above average early connection metrics which indicates power in the future. Home run power is to the pull side. 

Field: Raw, but has the physical tools to be a solid first baseman in college. Shows agility, clean hands, and can move well laterally. 

Arm: Tic below average. Throws were not online and tailed off target. 

Run: 7.0 60-Yard. Surprisingly agile mover once underway. Acceleration to top speed takes a couple of extra steps. 


Keighran’s future success is contingent on the bat. He's got an outstanding feel for the barrel. His game is built on his ability to be aggressive and drive the baseball to all fields. His swing metrics are average across the board flashing above MLB averages at times. Analytics indicate he will grow into his power and has over the fence potential. Keighran has enough natural ability to hit for a workable average with power, which does profile well at a corner infield position in high school and college. He has enough natural range to work at third base or left field currently. Professionally, Keighran's arm tool places him at first base where he will have a long term defensive home.