NorCal ProCase Spotlight: 1B/RHP Devon Walczykowski

Steve Doherty
Area Scout

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LINCOLN, CA. - At the time of the NorCal ProCase a few weeks ago, Walczykowski was one of 3 participants on the roster who was not committed to a College or University. We have learned that just yesterday he has committed to Pepperdine University. The staff at PBR California wants to extend congratulations to Devon and his family for this tremendous accomplishment.  

The 50+ representatives from 24 MLB Organizations that were in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and with the profound talent on the NorCal ProCase roster Walczykowski fit right in and put evaluators on notice that he possesses over the fence power potential.  The power tool is real and projects; definitely worthy of a follow into the 2021 season.


Blast Motion/Trackman data confirms that Walczykowski’s power tool projects. He hit a few balls in his BP round that Blast & Trackman did not record that still haven’t landed, and were still on their way up crossing the fence line; true light tower power.  With “Early Connection” metrics above MLB averages right now, we can forecast the swing will develop quite nicely as he matures with age and strength.


Body: XL, durable frame standing 6-foot-2, 220-pounds. Thick thighs, and a power bottom built for the rigors of a long season. Body should tighten up with age if he is diligent.

Hit: Makes consistent hard contact, and with excellent “Early Connection” metrics, the swing is going to play at any level, although it is not an impact bat as average is concerned.

Power: Plus, natural, light tower power, with some loft.

Field: Makes routine plays and all the necessary throws with proper technique. Moderate agility and moves around the bag well. 

Arm: Average arm.  Makes accurate throws on double play feeds with some zip.

Run:  Coordinated stride for size, proper running technique. 7.73 60-yard.


A hybrid between current MLB players Pete Alonzo (New York Mets) and former Jesuit standout Rhys Hoskins (Philadelphia Phillies)


Walczykowski is a first-base only type, however his pitching efforts definitely play at the high school level and will be effective. His approach is the best asset of his game and he could be a high On-Base-Percentage type player, which will help play up the hit tool and power. He certainly can hang his hat on the bat in my opinion and will be a monster at the college level. He does not have impact tools (besides the power), that jump off the page, but he can no doubt hold his own.

Here's Walczykowski's compilation of his pitching performance during the NorCal ProCase. FB was 82-87 with a max spin rate of 2204 RPM's.