NCTB Super Camp Notebook

Ryan Ozella
NorCal Scout

We were on hand at the NCTB Super Camp at Santa Clara University 7/14-15/18 to look at the Top Uncommitted players from the NorCal area. At the event players worked with recruiting coordinators from D1 Colleges to improve their skills, test for measurables and show off their skills in game.

Here are the players who stood out.

2019 C/OF/RHP Vaughn Mauterer (Marin Catholic): Medium Frame with long/lean build; wide shoulders and athletically muscular. Very projectable, showing off great measurables matched with in-game performance. Balanced swing with even hands and a tight compact barrel after a front leg lift; multiple rounds of quality BP. Mauterer showed off pull pop (90mph exit velo) and barrel control in games crushing a HR to LF and driving a ball into the oppo gap for a triple. Defensively flashed an above average arm; quick release (1.90-1.94 Pop) with ability to gain ground quickly while keeping ball on the base. Showed quick body with blocking skills and the ability to smother pitches while keeping ball in front. Smooth actions as a runner with quality stride length and ability to move around the bases (4.72T on 3B, 7.09 60-yd dash. On the mound, utilized a stretch only delivery keeping the hands at the waist with slight lift to create momentum; quick leg lift before driving down the hill and allowing his long arm action to very quickly get to a 3/4 release point. FB up to 87, sitting 83-85 with life through the zone. CHG 76-77 turning over for late, small sink to the arm side. SLD 73-75 showing sharp lateral movement with tight spin; really worked well off-plate for punch outs. Outing had control issues, but the stuff was always present.

2019 C/MIF Eamonn Lance (Sir Francis Drake HS): Medium long frame with present strength; mature build with athleticism throughout. Simple offensive setup keeping the bat on the back shoulder before lifting and launching; showed balance throughout swing with a lofty bat that produced raw pull power. Showed power in game turning on pitch and driving well past LF fence; strong rounds of BP and measurables including a 94 mph exit velocity. Defensively showed an arm that flashed above average with quick release (1.94-2.00 Pop); really let arm loose during workouts. Flashes of blocking and receiving skills in games and during workouts. Athletic out of box with quick to full-speed underway; ran 6.95 60-yd dash.

2020 1B/OF/LHP Sam Brown (Petaluma HS): Medium/Large frame showing present strength; long limbs with strong muscles showing. High Hands set up with lots of pre-pitch movement; gets bat into strong hitting position and keeps hands tight through turn. Strength shows in swing with ability to drive ball into gaps (91mph exit velo) and having flashes of more pop to pull side. Showed control of barrel in game doubling into RCF gap and down LF line. Smooth footwork around bag at 1st with soft glove hand. Showed quick release with average arm that has flashes of more when needed; showed better arm in OF and on mound. Aggressive out of box and around bases (7.38 60-yd Dash, 5.22T on 2B); below-average runner with aggressive streak playing this tool up. On mound, hands are in/out of the glove with a high front knee while hands are going up/down from waist before mid-3/4 release. FB was 80-83 T85 showing arm side sink; tends to open early with front shoulder causing pitches to take off. CB 66-70 with slurve shape; limited depth with slow spin and 1-to-7 action. SLD 71-73 with sweep across plate late at plate; threw pitch to front-side against LHH and had times where his elbow dropped throwing it.

2020 OF/RHP Nick Kresnak (Acalanes HS): Medium frame with present strength and wider shoulders; firm build with rounding in shoulders. Wide, even hands at plate with very quick and tight turns showing ability to create loud line drives into both gaps; bat has some loft with more power coming. Showed off ability to drive ball in games with extra-bases against off-speed pitches driving 2B and 3B into RCF. Average runner (7.02 60-yd Dash, 5.03T on 2B) being better underway and ability to turn it up when needed; ranged well glove side in OF to track down balls. Average arm in OF showing carry to bases through cut man. On the mound shows a simple delivery with hands staying at the shoulders and average knee; quick compact arm before high-3/4 release. FB 82-84 showing small arm side sink but mainly pitching to top half of the zone with life. CB 65-69 with 12/6 actions and 2-level break showing flashes of above average depth. CHG 70-71 with small arm-side sink; limited depth, but keeps hitters off fastball as they come out of same tunnel and path to plate. Both off-speed pitches play up when he is attacking in upper half of zone for strikes and swing/miss.

2020 OF Tyler Keenan (Monte Vista Christian HS): Large frame with strong build showing present strength and present muscle in upper half; quick twitch athlete with long and strong legs that contribute to playing skills. Glove/Defense first currently, but bat is continuing to make improvements from viewings early in 2018 season. Rangy in OF with ability to use makeup speed (6.99 60-yd Dash) to track down balls in all 3 OF spots; RF future based on build and present strength. Arm was average in workouts with throws on a line and showing life to the bases; flashes where long arm plays up when footwork is in sync. Offensively uses a slight open with small crouch set up keeping hands away from body and having slight load back; strength in wrists/hands shows up when he is able to get turned through the ball allowing arms to extend and do damage (89mph exit velo). Swing has loft and showed pop to gaps during BP; in games doubled off LF wall.

2020 LHP Drew Dowd (Serra HS): High-waist with lean build and projectability as he matures/strengthens; wider shoulder build with athleticism in core and long legs. Simple delivery from narrow start with high front knee and strong finish in extension down the mound; compact 3/4 arm with late quickness. FB 83-85 showing life at the plate and excellent angle; pounded the zone with pitch, working quickly and staying mainly glove-side. CB 70-75 showing 2-level depth and slow spin; 12-to-6 shape with ability to manipulate shape through the zone. Ability to go back-to-back for strikes and also early in the count. SLD 73-75 with late lateral glove side bite; times where he can get tight tilt on pitch and get to RHH back foot. Used pitch as his put away pitch getting swings and misses in game with the ability to sweep pitch off plate and under bat path. Showed flashes of plus control on all three pitches and tunneled all three pitches well keeping hitters off balance.

2021 RHP Kyle Bender (Vacaville HS): Medium/Large frame with very long/lean build; long limbs showing athleticism and flexibility throughout and quick twitch. Deliberately slow delivery from tall stance on mound with high front knee before sink as he goes down the hill; keeps hands at chest before long arm action gets to mid-3/4 release and uses long limbs to get extra extension down the hill. FB 83-85 T87 generally straight showing advanced life up through the zone; times where he was around the plate, but limited control during outing. CB 70-72 with inconsistent shape; best was 12-to-6 with late snap through the zone but more often 11-to-4 bend that was loopy showing late sweep. CHG 73-74 straight with limited depth/sink; ability to throw early in counts and pitch looks to still be developing. During outing Bender flashed high quality stuff, but will need to be able to harness it and repeat his delivery to take it up to next level.

2021 C/RHP Thatcher Hurd (Acalanes HS): Large, lean and long frame with budding muscles; very projectable both on the mound and in the field. Offensively uses a balanced stance with high hands and a high back elbow; swing is very compact showing explosive hands while having loft in swing to all fields. Power showed up in games (88mph exit velo) with long 2B that 1-hopped LCF wall and in BP with regular ability to drive ball into gaps and over fence to pull side. Defense showed up both at workouts and in game with very quick release and arm that flashed above average; in game caught stealing (1.97 Pop) on pitch down and away showing urgency in throw and accuracy to put it on the bag. On mound Hurd works with a high front knee and hands going up on his knee. Showed a very quick, compact arm with high back elbow before mid-3/4 release and uses legs well to get down the hill showing strong extensions. FB 83-85 with life at the plate and ability to run it arm side off the plate or up through the zone. Really attacked hitters with pitch and getting under the RHH hands. CHG 75 with small sink off the fastball plane; similar tunnel as FB with late action. CB 69 small 11-to-5 shape with short breaking depth in pitch. Really didn't have to use off-speed in outing as was dominant with FB and used excellent pickoff move to keep baserunners close. Impressive 2-way player to follow.

2021 RHP Ty Uber (Ponderosa HS): Large frame with strong shoulders; very projectable pitcher-build with long legs and high-waist showing present strength across his wide shoulders. Plus tempo while standing tall on mound with hands at chest staying balanced over rubber before slight rock onto back leg and drop/drive for extension downhill; compact and quick arm before 3/4 delivery. FB 84-86 T 87 with plus life through the zone; pitch is rarely straight and able to be located to both sides of the plate. Was mainly arm-side in outing showing the ability to sink the ball under hitters' hands and regularly challenging them with the FB. CB 74-76 with late overhand snap showing above average bite in its 12-to-6 shape. Showed feel for pitch with ability to go back-to-back and ability to throw for strikes or have pitch snap through the zone for strikeouts. Best off-speed pitch all weekend. Very intriguing arm that oozes with potential.

2022 3B Joe Brown (Petaluma HS): Medium frame with some thickness in lower half; athletic build showing strong legs/hips/core. Offensively showed a quick bat from an open, crouched stance with even hands away from the body bouncing off the shoulder. Patient at the plate staying balanced as he comes closed with a narrow leg lift and under control before letting quick core turn and drive ball; regularly keeps hands back and on plane flashing ability to drive ball into OF from line to line (90mph exit velo). In game triple down the RF line on fastball off plate. Athletic, showing quick actions with better speed underway (4.63T, 7.24 60-yd). Very strong body control and uses this on bases and in field; handled plays on the move very well at 3B and showed natural ability to read ball hops. Defensively showed off a smooth, above-average glove with the range to go both ways and come get the slowly hit ball. Solid average arm that will get better due to quick release and smooth actions from multiple angles. Showed his skills against players who have played at this level for longer and didn't look like he was overmatched at all; one to follow over coming years.

2022 RHP/OF Torrann O'Harran (Roseville): Large frame with lean, long body and current strength in upper half; athletic with ability to repeat delivery and showed off athleticism in OF as well (6.9 60-yd dash). Offensively only took BP, but showed a balanced swing while keeping even hands and flat bat on shoulder; pull side swing currently with ability to make loud contact into OF (85mph exit velo). Plus arm from RF during workouts showing great footwork and ability to throw balls on line to every base with life through the target. Stood out on the mound where he worked with a simple delivery that allowed his loose arm to show off its quickness before 3/4 release. Excellent balance over the rubber before entire body comes down hill attacking hitters; plus tempo and dominant personality regularly getting back on rubber and looking to put hitters away. FB 83-85 with life at the plate; regularly worked knee high with movement off the plate to both sides and keeping off the barrel of bats. SLD 69-73 with short tilt in 11-to-6 break; when needed pitch would sweep off plate late and was regularly used as strikeout pitch. In 2nd inning, control was lost, but was able to readjust and work through situations with runners on base. Very projectable pitcher that should be followed.