IE Top Prospects ID: Quick Hits

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director


Future PBR California Events

CORONA, CA. - Players in the 2020 - 2023 classes descended on Santiago High School for the Top Prospect ID showcase all vying for an invitation to the SoCal Top Prospects Games in September. With temperatures reaching as high as 105 degrees, weather was clearly a factor in some of the measurables obtained during the workout particularly the pitching numbers as the bullpens closed out the event. 

Players were put through a pro-style workout that began with the sixty-yard dash before going into the hitting wheel before concluding with a defensive workout. Two-way players joined the pitcher only in throwing bullpens to conclude the event. Earlier we released the stats leaders from the event. 

With close to 80 players in attendance there were several that stood out and left a lasting impression. Let’s take a closer look at those players listed below in no particular order. 

+ 2021 OF Brandon Stevens (Cathedral Catholic HS) - 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. Sturdy and physical frame - played football - that shows present strength down neck into shoulders. There’s a fair amount of physical projection remaining given his length in the lower half. Started with a laser-timed 6.55 sixty on a track that was a bit wet at the starting point. Shows an athletic setup wiht hands back that he pulls back further before swinging. Shows some feel for the barrel while spraying balls the other way - finished with a gapper to RCF and registered an 84 mph exit velocity. Setup, swing, and finish are all balanced. Athleticism is really on display on defense where the arm was capable and accurate at 81 mph from right field. Very athletic outfield prospect. 

+ 2021 OF/INF Ryan Brech (Yorba Linda HS) - 6-foot-1, 175-pounds, physical, strong, and athletic build. Moves very well for a player his size clocking a laser-timed 6.83 60-yard dash showing athleticism in his stride. Hits from a slightly open, upright setup with hands at shoulder height. Flashes a small circling action with his hands before a short stride with the lower half explodes hands into the ball. Looks to backspin the ball with barrel manipulation which he shows capable of doing. Worked both in the outfield and infield. Might profile best in the outfield where his athleticism and strength can take over  while on the dirt he’s a bit behind. Registered an 82 mph outfield velocity with some carry on accurate throws. 

+ 2020 OF Solomon Yi (Crean Lutheran HS) - 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, strong build with ample room to fill out the broad shoulders. There’s present strength in the lower half and down into the wrists. Yi opened up with a laser-timed 6.97 60-yard dash. Yi pounded balls during BP to all fields showing some present strength with the bat particularly to RCF where he feasted. Hit a couple to the fence to the pull side gap. Yi led all outfielders with an 86 mph velocity from right field on a throw home that was to the plate on a line. Intriguing uncommitted player who can undoubtedly help a college program on some level. 

+ 2023 C Ty DePerno (West Ranch HS) - Five-foot-9, 150-pounds, long, lean, wiry body with some twitchy strength. Large feet and hands with long limbs would indicate a lot of physical growth remains. Clocked a 7.57 60-yard dash to open the showcase before registering a 76 mph exit velocity. During the on-field hitting portion he showed good feel for the barrel along with the ability to drive balls the other way. There’s an obvious lack of strength common with any incoming freshman, but there’s some bat speed along with quick-to-fast hands. Barrel lags a bit because of the lack of present strength. Defensively he sets up in a deep crouch and shows nimble footwork and clean transitions. Handled pitchers well during the bullpen sessions, framing and blocking were on point. Very high follow prospect in his class. 

+ 2020 OF Caden Szuba (Temescal Canyon HS) - 6-foot-1, 175-pounds, long, lean, strong build with significant strength in the lower half. High waist with long limbs. Coming off a tibia fracture, Szuba seems to be regaining his form from a season ago. Clocked a laser timed 7.0 60-yard dash before showing off some gap-to-gap power during BP that saw him routinely knock balls off the fence in the gaps. It’s a smooth stroke from a simple setup that incorporates his strong lower half to generate his present power. It’s conceivable to think that will become over-the-fence power once the upper half catches up. Registered an 82 mph outfield velocity with accuracy to both third and home. Arm is quick with a short release from a compact stroke in the back. Shows proper footwork when working to the ball while funneling out front. High level athlete who carries a 3.5 GPA and an 1100 SAT score. 

+ 2020 OF Vincent Temesvary (Notre Dame HS) - 5-foot-11, 195-pounds, physically strong with noticeable musculature throughout the frame. Opened up with 7.01 60-yard dash before belting balls off the fence during BP. Shows good feel for the barrel with the ability to backspin the ball. Prefers the pull side but showed the ability to use the RCF gap. There’s some violence in the swing. Defensively the arm plays with accuracy to bags and online carry to the throws. Football player in the fall that shows that sort of approach to football with an all-or-nothing type of play. 

+ 2021 C/INF Garrett Teunissen (Hillcrest HS) - 5-foot-8, 150-pounds, medium build with some strength in the lower half and in the shoulders. Defensively sets up in a deep crouch and uses his explosive lower half to get into throwing position. Throws were on or around the bag while in the 2.01-2.07 range with a 76 mph clocked throw. At the plate he shows quick-to-fast hands and the ability to handle the barrel which he keeps on plane through the zone throughout the swing. Recorded an 82 mph exit velocity off the tee. Shows the ability to go the other way with some strength while pulling the ball seems to come naturally. 

+ 2020 C Brandon Heidal (Orange Lutheran HS) - 5-foot-11, 200-pounds, medium-large frame with some strength throughout with significant strength in the lower half. At the plate he incorporates a balanced setup with hands at the shoulders. Uses a compact load with excellent weight transfer and extension to drive balls to all fields. There’s present power in the bat albeit somewhat untapped. Catch-and-throw was the best we saw on the day. Sets up parallel before settling into a deeper crouch and is explosive out of the crouch. Arm strength is average to a tick above at 79 mph but the accuracy on the throws in the 1.87-2.01 range were eye-opening. Throws were on a line and on the bag. In a class loaded with catching, it’s easy to see Heidal - who has starting experience - positioning himself in the upper echelon of the class if the bat gets going consistently. 

+ 2020 RHP/OF Lou Lucci (Beckman HS) - 5-foot-10, 165-pounds, continues his steady development in the outfield where he showed off a strong, accurate arm (83 mph) that flashed hints of carry on throws that routinely were on the bag or one-hopped. Showed well during BP where he routinely squared balls up into the outfield. Got and kept barrel through the zone consistently and on plane. On the mound he showed consistent mechanics with good balance and a still head. Showed a three-pitch “Johnny High-School” pitch arsenal with a fastball with downward plane at 82-85 mph, conventional right-handed curveball at 71-73 mph and a change-up at 71-73 mph with arm-side run.

+ 2020 RHP Reed Coffin (Rancho Buena Vista HS) - 6-foot-, 160-pounds, medium/large frame with long limbs, high waist, large feet and hands. Has the look and feel of a Division I pitcher - he committed the day after the event to Cal State Northridge - with his long, lanky build that has ample room for physical development. Stays somewhat upright on the backside with a minimal knee bend before driving down the mound aggressively. Arm path is full in the back and release is through to a 3/4 arm slot. Live arm with a fastball with some life at 84-86 mph and featured two sharp breaking pitches with a curveball at 75-76 mph and a slider at 78-79 mph. 

+ 2020 RHP Matthew Rodriguez (St. Monica HS) 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, extra-large frame with some strength in the lower half along with squared shoulders. Upper half has room for growth and physical development. Arm was loose and clean and he was able to repeat his mechanics/arm slot on each pitch. Still somewhat raw, it appears his body is a bit tight when he pitches which may be affecting his velocity while aiding his command. Fastball shows some arm-side run while his curveball shows a slurvy tilt and break. Also flashed feel for a changeup that showed some parachuting type fade. 

+ 2021 SS/3B Ryan Watkins (Oak Hills HS) 5-foot-10, 185-pounds, medium/large frame that is strong throughout with some areas for continued development - shoulders, midsection. Takes that physicality to the plate where he attacked balls and meeting them out front. Has some lift in his swing and looks to elevate the ball. Drove balls into gaps showing flashes of his feel for finding the barrel. Defensively he showed excellent footwork in positioning to funnel balls out front. Turns the double play easily and cleanly. Arm is strong with accuracy at 78 mph. 

+ 2020 INF Noah Sudyka (Aliso Niguel HS) 6-foot, 170-pounds, medium frame with some length in the lower half and wiry strength throughout. High athleticism player with graceful actions. Shows a balanced and upright setup with high hands. Uses a small leg lift timing mechanism before whipping the barrel through the zone while on plane regularly. Shows hand/bat speed and a knack for getting barrel on the ball. Defensively he works light on his feet showing good range to both sides while funneling balls out front on those at him. Arm is big at 83 mph with accuracy. Shows the ability to turn the double play with clean, quick exchanges. 

+ 2021 SS Ali Camarillo (Otay Ranch HS) 5-foot-10, 145-pounds, medium/large frame with plenty of room for physical development. Every time we see Camarillo we come away impressed with his present and projectable tools. A slick fielding shortstop, Camarillo shows excellent hands and glovework with plenty of present arm strength (83 mph) across the diamond and able to make throws from many angles. Shows some lift in his swing at the plate from a line drive gap-to-gap approach. Gets extended through the zone after contact while maintaining balance in his finish. 


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