California Bulldogs Scout Day: Quick Hits

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting

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SAN JOSE, CA. - The California Bulldogs Scout Day brought nearly 40 players out to take part in the showcase where players were put through a standard showcase workout that included the 60-yard sprint, round of batting practice, defensive workouts at respective positions, and concluded with bullpen sessions where the pitchers' stats were compiled and catchers showed their talents.

The following 10 players quickly drew our attention, heavily leaning into the stats and metrics from TrackMan and Blast Motion, with some of the naked eye also contributing.

Listed alphabetically, by grad year. Click the player's name for full profile. Each of these players is uncommitted.

(Note: All showcase videos will be added to player profiles in the near future)

Malcolm Hsu OF / 3B / St. Francis, CA / 2021

6-2, 195, R/R - Physical round of BP, launching balls deep to LF, some with homer distance. Imposing physical presence, also showed a mature swing that enabled him to make impactful contact in multiple pitch locations. EV - 96, OF mph - 82, 77 3B mph, 22.9 max hand speed, 73.4 peak bat speed, 50% hard hit, 12.2 max rotational acceleration, 50/50 LDs v fly balls.

Connor Pawlowski C / 3B / Pioneer, CA / 2021

6-2, 190, R/R - Showed the power type bat and catch/throw talent, with arm strength, that are sought at the position. Has ability to put the ball in the air with towering home run distance fly balls. Pops - 1.97 x3, 2.00, 2.02, EV - 93 (98 back on 9/26), C mph - 76, 60 yd - 7.29, 25.32 avg hand speed, 78.5 max bat speed (74.85 avg), 28.23 avg rotational acceleration, 65% on plane efficiency.

Kyler Bittner SS / 2B / St. Francis, CA / 2022

5-10, 150, S/R - Fringy run tool was about the only thing to pick at and at worst he's still avg. Solid defensive tools with athletic actions, showed playable arm and switch-hitting talent, with the RHH swings showing above average ability. EV RH - 90 / LH - 87, 60 yd - 7.25, INF mph - 79, 22.6 max hand speed, 69.6 max bat speed (65.03 avg), 57% on plane efficiency.

Nick Herreria OF / Archbishop Mitty, CA / 2022

5-11, 170, R/R - Also pitched but it was the solid set of run, throw, and bat talent that stood out for him. Raw arm played better for him in OF than on mound. The Blast numbers show very strong hit tools hidden a bit by his swing path. EV - 84, OF mph - 77, 60 yd - 7.13, 72.6 max bat speed (67.7 avg), 22.2 max hand speed, 26.91 avg rotational acceleration, 60% on plane efficiency.

Ethan Payne C / SS / Bellarmine College Prep, CA / 2022

5-9, 160, R/R - Strong all around day as he put defense and hitting talent on display, while showing second position versatility and talent. The catch/throw talent looks to be legit and though the EV wasn't real high, the eyes saw an impressive BP round. C mph - 76, pops - 1.96, 2.00 x2, 2.06, INF mph - 80, 60 yd - 7.55, 66% on plane efficiency, 16.96 avg rotational acceleration.

Danny Rocha 2B / 3B / Pioneer, CA / 2022

5-9, 140, R/R - The eyes were drawn to him more than the raw tools at this point, which indicates that as he gets more physically mature he could really make a jump. The raw arm (72 mph) is modest at present, though the actions are good. The footspeed can improve and the 86 EV will go up. The BP was clean and the swing is efficient. 65.2 max bat speed, 70% on plane efficiency.

Andrew Wilford OF / Pioneer, CA / 2022

5-11, 160, R/R - Lean and athletic, he flashed the projectable tools/talents that could very well blossom as he gains size and strength. Nothing jumps off page quite yet, but the EV, the arm and overall way he does things all suggest a jump in the future. EV - 86, OF mph - 77, 20.1 max hand speed, 62.8 max bat speed, 60 yd - 7.49. Important detail, each player has his own development arc.

Jason Armer C / RHP / Branham, CA / 2023

6-0, 175, R/R - Glimpses of talent at both catcher and on the mound, which as a 2023, puts him on the radar. Showed quick and efficient C/T skills, a repeatable and easy swing, a projectable C arm, and feel of a quality 3-pitch repertoire on mound. FB 77-79 (1932 max spin), 63-65 CB, C mph - 73, EV - 84, pops 2.00-2.12, 79% on plane efficiency, 12.6 max rotational acceleration.

Anthony Sweet SS / 2B / St. Francis, CA / 2023

5-7, 130, L/R - The raw tools in regard to footspeed and arm strength will have to keep improving as he develops/matures, but the swing is present, the fielding skills are clean and he's got some swagger (and pull side power) in him that showed up in BP and in the defensive workout. EV - 89, INF mph - 72, 63.2 max bat speed, 19.8 max hand speed, 52% on plane efficiency.

AJ Cenizal C / 3B / Archbishop Mitty, CA / 2024

5-5, 145, R/R - A long way from his peak physicality, he's a player appreciated in a viewing like this. Mature for his age, with a serious and professional approach to what he's doing. Strength gains will juice the tools that make up his solid baseball skills. EV - 83, C mph - 70, INF mph - 73, 60 yd - 7.51, 2.21 low pop time, 64.4 max bat speed, 14.29 avg rotational acceleration.