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BC Insider: 2022 Official Rankings

The updated 2022 Rankings are here. Thankfully, through the magic of social media and communication with coaches across British Columbia, we have been able to follow the players' development through the trialling Covid-19 Pandemic.  As always, there are lots of re-classifications, and with the year 2020 has produced, we've sen more 21's hanging back and turn into 22's, and so on. We anticipate more to re-classify and will do our best to update the rankings as the landscape alters. Although this has been a trying year for us all, we are thrilled to bring you our updated and expanded 2022 rankings for the region of British Columbia. 

The Top Ten

Kicking off the top ten in British Columbia is White Rock Tritons RHP/3B, Chase Marshall. Since his freshman year, Marshall has been shouldering eyes on him, being the only 2022 to earn an invite for the BC Selects camp to be considered for the 2019 Canada Cup squad. In the last calendar year, we have seen Marshall increase his max velocity from 87 MPH at the February 2020 IP Showcase to 90MPH at the Whalley Open ID. This University of Washington commit boasts a right fastball-curveball mix, tunnelling an overhand breaking ball with his fastball projects well into modern pitching and with some tinkering could enable him to turn it into an elite blend. Not just an arm, Marshall can light up the radar gun with the bat as well, up to 93 MPH off the tee, and don't sleep on his athletic 7.07 60-yard-dash. 


Continuing the two-way pitcher/infielder trend rounding out the BC top ten list are #5 Carson Latimer and #9 Ryan Heppner. Out of the North Delta Blue Jays, Latimer showcases a free and lively arm action into a comfortable and controlled 87 mph max fastball. An overhand breaking ball complements Latimer's smooth fastball with tight slider potential and an average changeup mix. A bulldog on the mound, Latimer has been seen reacting to adversity on the mound by buckling down and getting nasty. Last fall, in an exhibition against the Whalley Chiefs, following a few misplays by his defence, he reacted by striking out five straight batters to finish his start. Athletically, though he projects primarily on the mound, Latimer can be serviceable anywhere on the field- with a left-handed bat that plays. He moves well with good footwork at third base and could see success as a pitcher-utility type role at the next level.


Heppner, also out of the Blue Jays organization, showcases another live arm out of North Delta. With easy moves down the mound and one of the best three-pitch mixes we have seen in the province for this age group, don't be surprised if he is among PBL leaders in most pitching stats. He has an excellent feel for his secondary pitches, throwing a late-breaking curveball and changeup. His changeup shapes well with his fastball with an easy and natural arm-side run. Offensively, he has some work to do with the bat and with functional strength gains, he will clean up some mechanical deficiencies. He works well in the infield and maintains arm strength in his throws across the diamond at 75 MPH in his positional velocity from shortstop.


Two very physical catchers round out the 2022 top three, with #2 Ayden Hadley out of the Langley Blaze organization and recently re-classed #3 Kyle Hepburn from the North Delta Blue Jays. Hadley is a 5-foot-11, 225-pound wall behind the plate. He receives and blocks well with a strong arm behind the plate. Hadley has pop to spare from the left-handed box as has showcased the ability to hit at the next level with one of the smoothest bats with a calm demeanour and repeatability in his load and weight transfer. Look for Hadley to continue making a name for himself this upcoming PBL season, with the potential to get a call from the Jr. National Team program. Blue Jay's product Hepburn, has showcased some of the most significant upward trends in the province at PBR events. In Exit Velocity, April 2019, he showed 83 MPH (off a tee); in February 2020- 101 MPH (off BP). In Positional Throwing from the OF: April 2019- 75 MPH; August 2020- 92 MPH. In Positional Velocity from Catcher: April 2019- 71MPH, September 2020: 82 MPH. As a Jr PBL player, we have seen him go from 150-pound scrappy right-handed hitting catcher to a legitimate threat with the bat at 200-pounds. Defensively behind the plate, he receives and blocks very well from various progressive one-knee stances and throws well. 


British Columbian Middle Infielders fill out the middle numbers of our top ten, with number 4 being Wylie Waters our 6th ranked prospect is Pierce Radke from the Blaze, we go to the Island for the 7th ranked prospect in Tyrus Hall  and rounding out at number is 8 Kai Okuyama.

To go along with having the best name in the province, North Shore Twins'  Wylie Waters boasts some of the most upside out of position players. Waters stands at 6-foot-1 170-pounds and has been recorded up to a 95 MPH exit velocity. He has a smooth and repeatable leg kick that still has something left in the tank if he can access more of a controlled forward move through age and maturity. He is an average runner for his age at a 7.2 60-yard time, but as he grows into his size and sees increases in his power output, expect that number to increase. Depending on how he matures and fills out, a shift to third base could be foreseen, but he is a defensively capable shortstop that can hit for the time being. He has shown a decent arm across the diamond with a positional velocity of 79 MPH and has good rhythm in his footwork.

Pierce Radke out of the Langley Blaze organization is a strong defensive shortstop with agile footwork and clean glove actions to compliment an accurate throwing arm across the diamond. Though he has a smooth and repeatable swing, Radke's popular opinion is he just flat-out hits. He has gap to gap power currently, and with functional strength gains (recently spotted deadlifting 405 pounds), Radke could turn himself into one of the most electric movers in the province. 

White Rock's Kai Okuyama is the fastest runner in the province. At a 6.69 60-yard time, Okuyama has demonstrated elite linear athleticism, paired with smooth and rhythmic defensive footwork at shortstop. He still has some rawness to his swing and has work to do on his rotational ability. With repetition and functional strength gains, Okuyama's athleticism and sprint speed will potentially lead to the most dynamic mover that 2022 offers in the province. Defensively, he is one of the best in BC at covering ground in the middle of the infield and makes up for an average arm at 74mph with quick hands and rhythm in his movements through the ball.

We saw Tyrus Hall near the end of the fall out fo the Victoria Eagles program and the right-handed hitter showed us a smooth stroke from the right-side while he ate up everything that was hit his way defensively. He does things with ease on the ball field and is someone who could make a jump on this list as he matures and gets stronger. Our in game look had him battling a leg injury, but that didn't stop him from stealing bags and making plays either. 

A Highly projectable left-handed arm locks up the final spot with  Langley's #10 Reece Usselman has a fastball in the low-mid 80s with clean arm action. When we saw Usselman at the Whalley Open ID, he demonstrated good command with a 1/7 shape on curveball, zip on his fastball and easy actions down the mound. More is in his body, especially as he gains strength and adds mass to his 6-foot-2 150-pound frame. 


Risers and New Additions

With the 2022 rankings complete, we take a quick look at some of the players who jumped up in the ranks or names who found themselves on the list for the first time. 

Hayden Cuthbertson LHP / OF / Delta Secondary, BC / 2022

Report: Cuthbertson topped at 85 (sitting 83-84) at the Lower Mainland Fall Open, a PR for him, showcasing four pitches, including a slider and curveball combo with different break profiles. He has a cross-body motion with long limbs making for some uncomfortable at-bats for left-handed hitters. He has some mechanical things to clean up but could be one of the most projectable arms in the grad class at 6-foot-1 175-pounds.

Michael Brand 3B / RHP / GW Graham, BC / 2022

Report: Brand jumps into the 2022 rankings at the cusp of breaking into the top 10. The superphysical infielder with legit pop in the bat looks to improve on a strong fall season, concluding with a strong showcase well during his Cardinals scout day, proving he can be a middle of the lineup threat the plate as well as a serviceable arm on the mound. With improvements to his game on the ball's defensive side, Brand has the tools and makeup to jump into the top 10 rankings soon enough. 

Aidan Malish OF / 1B / Kelowna Secondary, BC / 2022

Report: The sweet-swinging lefty swing of Malish propelled him up the rankings in 2022; with lots to love about his game and strong showings in the fall, Malish continues to improve every time we see him. With good power, a strong arm and improvement to his running game, Malish has the skillset to jump into the conversation as one of the top outfielders in the province for 2022 grads, and will be a good follow for the future years to see how well he develops.

Owen Luchies RHP / 3B / St. Andrews Regional , BC / 2022

Report: A real 2-way player, Luchies continues to climb the rankings after a good display at the Whalley open ID event, showcasing a fastball as high as 86 mph, clean fielding actions with a strong arm across the diamond at 3rd base, and a repeatable swing from the right side that produced line drives all over the field. Luchies has the potential to stay on the field and the mound through the next level, as he had one of the best three-pitch mixes this summer while contributing at the plate and on defence.

Owen Han RHP / OF / King George secondary school, BC / 2022

Report: Han was one of the Whalley Fall Open's overall favourites, showing a robust and broad base of skills at the plate and on the mound. The outfielder and RHP jumped into the rankings after displaying a fast-twitch swing, clean arm action with good carry on his throws from the outfield, and a good bullpen with tons of strikes from all three of his pitches. As Han gets stronger, so will his game, and tracking him throughout his junior year will be fun to see as he continues to progress.

Willy Wilson SS / 2B / Sands secondary, BC / 2022

Report: Wilson breaks into the rankings after a great fall; with significant improvements to his swing and his super clean actions on the field, Wilson looks to rise in the rankings even more moving forward. Regarded as one of the best defensive infielders in the 22 class, if Wilson can prove he can hit at a high level this summer, he will open many eyes at the college level as a top infielder in the province.

There are lots of things to like about the players mentioned above, as we anticipate huge offseasons for all of them, as we cannot wait to see these guys in action come summertime as they make a push to get into the top 10.

Don't Sleep On These Guys

With college recruiting getting ultra-competitive in today's current state of eligibility and athletic budgets, these five players may be that crucial piece colleges look to add to fill out their recruiting classes. All of them have time to improve and room to grow. Look for their names a couple of years from now to make some waves in the rankings and sign to a program exited to get them.


Hunter MacLeod LHP / Robert Bateman Secondary School, BC / 2022

Report: A big, physical lefty with clean mechanics and a good arm slot, Macleod showed off his tools on the mound recently during the Abbotsford Cardinals scout day with a good pen. He demonstrated a max fastball of 80mph with some run on it and two developing off-speed pitches that show promise. With left-handed pitching being a hot commodity over all college baseball ranks, coaches could get a steal with him if Macleod can add some Velo on to his pitches. Lots to like, and with Macleod recently dedicating himself to pithing only, he has a high ceiling with two solid years ahead of him to develop. 


Malakai DuBreuil 1B / C / Steveston London, BC / 2022

Report: Dubreuil has many positives going for him, as he has the physicality and raw tools on his side, not to mention time to fine-tune his skillset. The left-handed-hitting catcher provides some pop in the bat with an ever-improving swing, looks good receiving and can catch from multiple stances, and has an average arm with a clean release. Although he is still pretty raw, Debreuil is a few adjustments and many reps away from becoming a more than serviceable catcher that hits in the lineup. 


Noah Cassie 1B / RHP / Sands Secondary , BC / 2022

Report: Suppose you're looking for a big bat that can hold down first base and even contribute on the mound, look no further than Cassie. Cassie puts barrels on balls all fall with a high exit Velo and real juice to his pull side. He moves well for his frame, too, as he showed quick footwork around 1st base. He tops out at 82 on the mound with a good feel for his secondary stuff; Cassie looks to improve his overall athleticism and gain arm strength on the mound to raise his stock, regardless of whether his bat will play at the next level. 

Jayson Tamayo 3B / RHP / Guildford Park Secondary, BC / 2022

Report: Another intriguing two-way prospect, Tamayo, has a lot to offer. A fast-twitch hitter in the batters box can spray it gap to gap; Tamayo looks the part at the plate. Super athletic on the infield, moves around well and can throw from different arm slots, quick hands and good range, Tamayo can play all positions on the infield. On the mound, he lives in the low 80's from a funky arm slot, which is tough to pick up, and he can spin it a bit too. Overall, Tamayo will be an interesting fellow, as he has a lot to offer to a program looking for athletes who can do a bit of everything. 

Auguste Turner RHP / SS / NA, BC / 2022

Report: Turner for sure passes the eye test, as he is built well at 6'2/200. Turner offers some real juice with the bat, with an exit velo as high as 94mph as he looks to do damage with an aggressive yet repeatable swing. Lots of power potential with him, and with some swing work and reps, Turner could very well turn into one of the better power bats available in the 22' class. There is potential for him on the mound as well; with a fastball as high as 82 and the physicality to throw harder, Turner has a real shot at turning into one of the top 2 way players available in 2022.