Scout Blog: September 9 Senior Games

PBR Alabama Staff

Senior Games Scout Blog: Analysis on each player that attended the Senior Games on September 9 at Faulkner University.

Matthew Glover (2019, SS/2B, McGill Toolen) 5’7 165 lbs- 9.9.18- had a very impressive day during the workout and game play. Has good speed and actually seemed to play faster than he timed. Clean actions defensively with an adequate arm to get the ball across the diamond. Plus glove presentation. Short, compact approach at  the plate that stays in the middle of the field with good swing plane that creates backspin. Does a good job staying through the hitting zone. Had productive at bats and made every play during the game, including one highlight reel play at SS.

John Poist (2019, SS/2B, Spain Park) 5’8 140 lbs.- 9.9.18- another impressive middle infielder at the event  that did a number of things very well. An athletic player with good speed, his footwork showed well during defensive drills to go along with smooth actions with the glove. Gets rid of the ball quickly to go with good arm actions. Played a number of positions and showed tremendous knowledge of the game. Appears he can play anywhere. Showed the ability to be able to go backside during BP and pull side pop on balls on the inner half. Solid barrel all day long.

Trevor Barron (2019, 2B/SS, Pike Liberal Arts) 5’9 165 lbs.- 9.9.18- has good feel and good actions on the infield showcasing good feet before and after the ball is in his glove. A natural 2B, his arm strength “plays” from there. Has some pop at the plate from his open stance approach and really attacks balls in the zone. Appears to be a 2 hole type hitter with his ability to use the right side of the field. Constant talk in the field during  game play that understands the game and plays with a hard nose mentality.

Heath Bolton (2019, 2B/SS. Decatur Heritage Christian Academy) 5’11 165 lbs.- 9.9.18- presented good glove work and long arm action making throws across the diamond during defensive drills. Had a good round of BP continually staying in the middle of the field but showed the ability to handle pitches on the inner half with hands and barrel inside the ball and creating some tilt in his swing. Had some good AB’s during game play and showed good feel for how to play the game.

Daniel Kelly (2019, 2B, Leeds) 5’11 165 lbs.- 9.9.18- Offensively, he showed a quiet load from an even stance. Showed a middle approach during BP with a slight launched bat path and the ability to stay on the ball. Hands and feet were synched in defensive drills and adequate arm strength across the infield. Showed an understanding of how to play in game play and some versatility.

Kyran Coleman (2019, SS/2B, Inspire Academy Home School, GA) 5’11 165 lbs.- 9.9.18- an athletic SS/2B that can also double as a CF. Very fluid with the glove and advanced feet with good arm action and strength across the diamond (event high 79 mph IF velo). Can really defend and showed big time range. A quick twitch athlete. Offensively, he is a very patient hitter while showcasing a high leg approach that really creates pop off of the barrel with a very short, compact swing. Showed pop to all fields. Had some very loud AB’s during game play. A high ceiling player.

Jayden Sloan (2019, 2B/SS, Brewbaker Technology Magnet) 5’7 190 lbs.- 9.9.18- left the field with the dirtiest uniform!!!! Did just about everything very well and really had a solid day. A powerfully built player, he showcased big time speed in the 60 (event best 6.91) and during game play. A natural 2B, he can really defend (made every play all day) and has good arm strength form the 2B position and showed legit range. Big time juice at the plate with a soft load and a tilted swing path that creates backspin off of the bat.  Will be an interesting follow in the 2019 class.

Traeshon Hall (2019, OF, Hueytown) 5’10 175 lbs.- 9.9.18- a strong and powerful OF that shows quick twitch actions as well. Showed good actions in OF drill work with the ability to track down balls and good arm strength. The ball seems to really come out of his hand and stays on plane. Can really run and showed big time game play speed. At the plate, he has some big time juice (event best 93 mph exit velo off of a tee) and showcased a disciplined approach from a slightly open stance with a solid gap to gap approach. Does a good job of staying “synched up” through the swing which creates backspin and “carry” on the ball. Had two loud AB’s during gameplay.

Tyde Robinson (2019, SS/2B, Athens) 6’0 170 lbs.- 9.9.18- an athletic MIF that showed some versatility on the day and a good approach to the game. Very solid with the glove and showed good feel for IF play with advanced footwork and shows good range. Appears to be more of a 2B. Has a good looking LH swing that had a very loud round of BP showcasing a middle of the field approach and some juice. Does a good job of getting his bottom half into his swing from his slightly open stance.

Weston Brock (2019, OF, Fairhope) 6’0 185 lbs.- 9.9.18- strong player that did some things very well on the day. In OF drills, he showed very clean actions and the ability to track balls down well and a quick transfer. His arm action in the OF is good and his feet work well. Really showed some juice at the plate with a bit of tilt in his swing and does a good job of using his lower half from his slightly open stance. Really showcased pull side juice in morning BP and had a loud 2B in game play.

Hayden Walton (2019, C, Brooks) 6’0 190 lbs.- 9.9.18- a strong, athletic catcher that will be a good pick up for someone as he does a lot of things well on the field. Does a very good job receiving pitches and an even better job on balls in the dirt. His setup behind the plate is advanced and does a good job of controlling pitchers. All of his pop times all day were in the 2.0’s with a best of 2.02. Throws were on the bag with big time carry out of the hand. Advanced approach at the plate from an even stance that has a quiet load and seemed to get in the hitting zone on time all day. Creates backspin off of the barrel and with juice to all fields.

Brady Barnes (2019, RHP, Decatur) 6’1 165 lbs.- 9.9.18- showed some big time “stuff” on the mound with three pitches. His fastball was electric sitting 84-86 and topping at 87 mph with some ASR. His breaking ball showed late bite and was very sharp at 71-74 mph with a changeup that really tumbled into RHH hitters at 72-74 mph. Showed some competitiveness on the mound in his 2 innings. High ceiling RHP that can really see his stock soar with just a bit more command of the zone. Has a quick whippy arm, electric!

Ryan Willcutt (2019, C, Jasper) 6’1 175 lbs.- 9.9.18- another solid catching prospect from this event. Very athletic with a good build an a good understanding of the game. Behind the plate, he does a good job of receiving and a solid presentation on the catch. His set up behind the plate is very solid and has solid arm action with a quick transfer. His pop times were in the low 2.0’s all day with a best of 2.00 and throws were on the bag. Offensively, he has a high leg kick approach but timing seems to be good. Creates some tilt in his swing and shows pop to all fields while staying through the zone. Really showed some hustle all day.

Ryan Armstrong (2019, OF/RHP, Huntsville) 6’2 155 lbs.- 9.9.18- did some very good things at the event. Legitimate OF actions that tracks the ball well and can cover some ground. Good feet before and after the catch with plus arm strength to show (event best 82 mph OF velo). Out of his hand, the ball really explodes and stays on line. Also showed the ability to consistently give big hops to the catcher. Offensively, he showed a gap to gap approach in BP from a slightly open stance, while staying synched up with his lower half. Had a loud lineout during game play. On the mound his fastball was 77-79 mph (topping at 81) from a loose arm action. His breaking ball was a plus pitch at 68-71 mph with true 12/6 late depth and tight spin. His changeup was consistent at 70-71 mph with tumble into RHH.

Hunter Redding (2019, RHP/2B, Mobile Christian School) 6’2 170 lbs.- 9.9.18- a good looking athlete that has big time upside as he continues to develop. Defensively, he showed good glove presentation during IF drills with solid actions and feel accompanied with a good arm across the diamond. During the game, he showcased some versatility by playing a number of different positions. At the plate, he had a tall stance and small leg kick which allowed him to show juice to the pull side. Creates torque in his lower half. On the mound, his fastball was 77-79 and topped at 80 mph with some ASR. His breaking ball was 64-67 and he showcased feel for his changeup at 70-72 that tumbed arm side. A competitor on the mound.

Hudson Holley (2019, RHP, Demopolis) 6’3 165 lbs.- 9.9.18- had a very productive outing and was much better than when we saw him earlier in the summer. Has a loose whippy arm action and really commanded the zone with all of his pitches. Both of his innings were very clean. His fastball was 80-82 and topped at 83 mph (again, showed the ability to command both sides of the plate). His breaking ball had true tight bite at 71-73 and is a true out pitch for him. His changeup showcased at 74-76 and created true deception for hitters. An intriguing arm in the 2019 class.

Dalton Gilmore (2019, RHP/1B, A.P. Brewer) 6’3 175 lbs.- 9.9.18- an athletic 1B, he had good feet and good presence around the bag during the game. He was solid defensively during drills in the morning with above average glovework. At the plate, his approach consistently seemed to be middle to oppo with a little back side pop. On the mound, his fastball topped at 76 (sat 73-74) with some some late life while his breaking ball was 63-64 and showed some tight action. Really competed on the mound in the game.

Dalton Mesaris (2019, RHP, Alabama Christian Academy) 6’3 175 lbs.- 9.9.18- very impressive on the day!!! A RHP with a drop down arm slot, he truly threw nothing that stayed straight and was a nightmare vs. the hitters. Showcasing a fastball at 78-80 and topping at 81 mph, this pitch really seemed to back up vs. the hitters and he could command this pitch anywhere he wanted. His breaking ball was even more impressive that hitters had big time trouble picking up. This pitch was 70-72 with tight action and only showed break the last 2-3 feet. This is a definite out pitch! With 2 pitches that are hard to pick up and move in two different directions, look for this RHP not to stay uncommitted long.

Chance Broussard (2019, 3B/RHP, Sweet Water) 6’1 190 lbs.- 9.9.18- a physical, good looking athlete that really stood out on the day. During IF drills he showed good range and open average feel with the glove and plenty of arm strength across the diamond. At the plate, he did a good job of using his lower half with a simple load that synched up and allowed him to be on time all day (BP and game play). Juice to all fields with a slightly tilted bat path. On the mound, he attacked the bottom half of the strike zone with a fastball at 81-83, while topping at 84 mph. His breaking ball was more slider-type action at 70-71 and his changeup showed tumble at 74-76 mph. Was very solid in all areas at the event. Legitimate 2 way threat.

Jake Hodge (2019, RHP, Oneonta) 6’1 200 lbs.- 9.9.18- a competitor on the mound with a slightly low are slot which allows for movement on everything he throws. His fastball showed late ASR at 77-79 while topping at 80 mph but looking a little quicker, really exploding the last few feet. The ability to throw his breaking ball on any count at 67-68 may have been the reason for the deception. The breaking ball shows slider action and his changeup is a developing pitch that he commanded in the bottom half of the zone at 61-64 mph. Attacked the zone in both innings of work and was clean mechanically.  

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