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Hunter Dobbins

A durable athletic body ideal for a catcher. Strong powerful legs and strong throughout his shoulders with a barrel chest. Moves and shift well behind the plate as a catcher which also transfers to his 3B position. He has light feet and agility to his actions. Produced a 7.03-60 yard dash time. Dobbins showed a 1.80-1.93 pop time on throws to 2B (84 mph). Displayed good glove to hand transfer with quick release. Throws were accurate and precise. Has ability to be a hard hitting catcher/third baseman which is a valuable combo. Offensively, has an erect stance set up with a pre-load and power bat speed to ball that produces loud contact with balls driven gap to gap. He has good quick hands and squares up a high percentage of his swings. Power potential in the future.

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