Rawlings Tigers Scout Day

Name State School Class Pos Commitment
Colby Adams OH Ross 2024 OF
Aiden Allen MO Park Hill 2024 LHP
Andrew Anderson MO St. John Vianney 2025 LHP
Harrison Bailey MO Westminster Christian 2024 C
Presstin Bailey MO Saint Francis Borgia 2023 OF
Hunter Bakameyer MO Washington 2024 RHP
Jackson Bennett IL Rock Island 2024 1B
Chase Bloomfield MO Francis Howell 2024 C
Blake Branstetter MO Kirkwood 2025 SS
Aiden Bray MO Lafayette 2023 SS
Ethan Brookshire MO Parkway West 2026 2B
Ethan Broser MO Pacific 2024 OF
Ben Brueggeman MO Marquette 2023 RHP
Nathan Buchman MO Eureka 2024 RHP
Jack Burckhardt MO Lafayette 2024 RHP
Hayden Burns MO Washington 2024 3B
Luke Burns MO Desmet 2023 OF
Michael Callahan MO Lafayette 2025 SS
Ryne Campana IL South Elgin 2023 C
CJ Campbell MO Lafayette 2025 SS
Aaron Carey MO Chaminade 2023 RHP
Johnny Cecil KS Shawnee Mission Northwest 2026 2B
Aiden Cizek MO Lafayette 2023 SS
Bryce Clark MO Eureka 2024 OF
Nash Clementz IL Geneseo 2023 2B
Mikey Clingingsmith IL McHenry 2023 C
Jake Collier MO Pacific 2025 LHP
William Conkright KS Shawnee Mission East 2024 RHP
Luke Connolly MO Columbia Hickman 2024 OF
Henry Cordes MO MICDS 2024 RHP Missouri
Jack Cowling MO North Point 2025 SS
Cameron Crowe IL Sullivan 2025 LHP
Nicholas Currie IL Putnam County 2023 RHP
Chase Curry IL Rock Island 2025 SS
Michael Dallessandro MO Marquette 2026 SS
Justin De La Rosa KS Olathe Northwest 2024 OF
Declan Deering IL Mount Carmel 2025 OF
Nathan Derrick OH William Mason 2024 1B
Thatcher Dietz OH Westerville South 2023 C
Stephen Dillender II IL Rock Island 2023 SS
Andrew DuMont MO St. Louis University 2024 RHP
Aidan Edenfield KS Mill Valley 2024 OF
Atley Edenfield KS De Soto 2026 3B
Taylor Engle MO Lafayette 2024 OF
Joey Fentress MO Westminster Christian 2025 3B
William Fieser MO Eureka 2024 OF
Alex Fleeman MO Ste. Genevieve 2024 C
Sean Forbes MO Oakville 2024 RHP
Dallas Franzen IA Davenport North 2025 3B
Cooper Freand MO Liberty 2025 C
Conner Freeze IL Breese Central 2023 3B
Nate Genthon MO Parkway South 2024 OF
Holt Gielow MO Eureka 2025 LHP
Hayden Gilmore MO Windsor 2025 LHP
Nick Goldsmith KS Olathe West 2026 SS
Brian Gould MO MICDS 2025 3B
Owen Gray KS Olathe Northwest 2026 RHP
Ryan Guebert MO Westminster Christian 2024 RHP
Max Guenther MO Francis Howell 2024 OF
Logan Hammons OH Ross Senior 2024 RHP
Taylor Hartman MO Vianney 2025 RHP
Chase Hastings KS Basehor Linwood 2025 C
Tyler Heinlein IL Oak Forest 2024 RHP
Tyler Hensley IL Mount Zion 2025 2B
Andy Hertlein MO Parkway South 2025 3B
Tyler Holman MO Liberty 2024 RHP
David Horowicz IL McHenry 2023 OF
Peyton Horowicz IL McHenry 2026 OF
George Hoss Jr. IL Moline 2024 SS
Max Hotze IN East Central 2024 RHP
Leo Humbert MO Francis Howell 2025 OF
Brodie Hunt MO Eureka 2024 SS
Carter Hutsell MO Seckman 2024 LHP
Nolan Jaworowski MO Vianney 2025 LHP
Dan Jednachowski IL McHenry 2023 SS
D'Markeion Jones MO Raytown 2024 OF
Trey Jozwiakowski MO St. John Vianney 2025 3B Missouri
Carson Koehler IL Wauconda 2025 1B
Grant Kuhn MO SLUH 2023 C
Bodie Lambert IL Moline 2025 LHP
Charlie Lawrence KS Olathe South 2024 3B
Isaiah Lee IN Franklin County 2024 C
Mason Lee MO Pattonville 2025 1B
Ethan Lenahan MO Marquette 2025 RHP
Warner Lenahan MO Marquette 2023 RHP
Louis Leon IL St. Charles North 2023 SS
Connor Lewandowski IL Jacobs 2022 RHP
Brandon Lindle MO Truman 2024 LHP
Nicholas Livingston MO Chaminade College Prep 2024 C
Dylan Lloyd OH Colerain 2024 RHP
Connor Lovin MO Hickman 2024 LHP
Brock Luna IL Moline 2023 C
Logan Lynch IL Mt. Zion 2025 LHP
Zach Lyness IA Central Dewitt 2025 RHP
Will Malsch MO Marquette 2023 C
Nathan Martinko IL Jacobs 2023 OF
Connor McCaleb MO Timberland 2023 RHP
Vance McFarland MO Lafayette 2023 RHP
Valente Melero IL Argo 2025 3B
Logan Melvin KS Bishop Miege 2026 SS
Jack Meyer MO Pacific 2023 RHP
Owen Michaels IL Rock Island 2024 SS
Connor Mitchell IL Geneseo 2024 LHP
Alex Musel MO Marquette 2023 1B
Drew Nenninger MO Eureka 2023 OF
Shane Neumer KS Shawnee Mission Northwest 2024 RHP
Jack Nobe MO St Francis Borgia 2024 OF
Austin O'Gorman KS Olathe South 2024 SS
Logan O'Laughlin MO Fort Zumwalt West 2025 1B
Ethan Olson MO Christian Brothers College 2023 SS
Andy Osborne IL Kewanee 2023 C
Tyson Oswald MO Lafayette 2024 3B
Wyatt Otto KS Shawnee Mission West 2026 C
Nicholas Paredes KS Shawnee Mission West 2024 SS
Jackson Pasley MO Lafayette 2024 C
Christopher Pelligreen MO Chaminade College Prep 2023 LHP
Tristen Pheanis OH Springboro 2023 3B
Ayden Piel MO Kingston 2025 SS
Ryan Place OH Colerain 2024 OF
Paul Pratte MO Lafayette 2024 2B
Carson Ramos MO Timberland 2025 C
Nicholas Roberts OH St. Xavier Cincinnati 2024 2B
Davis Robinson KS Shawnee Mission West 2025 2B
Derek Rockett MO Higbee 2024 SS
Alex Rose MO St. Louis University 2025 OF
Jackson Rose MO Lafayette 2023 LHP
Mason Roth MO Parkway West 2024 1B
Louie Santana IL Crystal Lake South 2023 2B
Luke Scachitti MO Liberty 2025 RHP
Zyon Schlee IL Crystal Lake South 2023 OF
Jonah Schmersahl MO Lafayette 2025 RHP
Joseph Schweppe MO Parkway West 2023 SS
Roenick Selby MO Oakville 2024 OF
Charlie Severino IL Pleasant Plains 2025 SS
Sam Shackelford MO Marquette 2023 3B
Gabriel Sieve MO St. Mary's 2025 C
Asher Sink MO Eureka 2023 RHP
Landon Slyter IL United Township 2025 RHP
Mason Snider MO Pacific 2023 SS
John Spivey MO St. Louis Priory 2024 OF
Zander Street MO St Pius-Festus 2024 RHP
Adam Streicher MO Windsor 2025 RHP
Luke Sullivan MO Parkway South 2025 RHP
Blake Swanson IL Wauconda 2025 2B
Connor Terbrock MO Lutheran South 2024 SS
Carson Terry MO Lees Summit 2026 SS
Chase Tholl IL Moline 2023 RHP
Zachary Toben MO Lafayette 2026 2B
Hutton Trout MO Saint Louis Priory 2023 RHP
Callahan Turin MO Parkway West 2023 C
Peter Underwood MO CBC 2023 SS
Edward Uschold MO Parkway South 2023 3B
Tommy VanderPloeg MO Liberty-Wentzville 2025 C
Bryce VanDeWostine IL Erie 2023 LHP
Jackson Venatta MO Northwest R1 2025 C
Brian Wacaser IL McHenry 2023 SS
Kelton Waller OH Pickerington North 2023 C
Parker Walseth MO Whitfield 2025 OF
Aiden Weaver IL Mt Zion 2025 2B
Jackson Weidner MO Lafayette 2023 OF
Ian Welker MO Father Tolton Catholic 2024 C
Chase Wells IL Shelbyville 2025 SS
Josh Wilder IL Streamwood 2023 2B
Mark Williams MO Lafayette 2026 3B
Mathew Willock MO Parkway West 2025 OF
Brady Wilson MO Francis Howell 2023 SS
Austin Young KS Olathe South 2024 C
Kaner Young MO Washington 2024 OF
Logan Zwirn MO Chaminade College Prep 2024 RHP