About Prep baseball report

Since its inception in 2005, the Prep Baseball Report has evolved into one of the country’s biggest and most respected independent scouting services, with a singular focus of providing comprehensive year-round coverage in every state we are in. The mission of the Prep Baseball Report is to scout and promote amateur baseball - high school, junior college and college - and, ultimately, help athletes achieve their dreams of playing baseball at the next level. With more than 150 scouts, we have the largest baseball scouting infrastructure across all levels of amateur baseball in the country.

The Prep Baseball Report is the No. 1 resource for amateur baseball in each state we cover through our variety of events, boots-on-the-ground scouting staff, daily coverage, and multimedia platforms. Our multimedia platforms and events work in tandem, ultimately creating the most powerful source of high school baseball promotion in each state.  While other organizations take a national approach, our goal is to become the authoritative voice on the ground level of each state.

The Prep Baseball Report has more full-time scouts than any other independent amateur scouting company in the country. The Prep Baseball Report is currently in 41 states and Canada, each with a scouting director that focuses on the amateur talent in their respective territory. The Prep Baseball Report’s hyper-local focus is augmented by its national scouting staff that focuses on the top national prospects in all prep classes. 

More than 800 colleges and pro teams subscribe to the Prep Baseball Report services. We run hundreds of stratified levels of events across the country, headlined by the Prep Baseball Report Future Games and the Super 60 Pro Showcase.

Our flagship state, Prep Baseball Report Illinois, was launched in 2005 as a print magazine. Over the last 13 years, the Prep Baseball Report has brought the same comprehensive coverage in every state. 

We guarantee that we will work tirelessly to see as many players and provide coverage to all corners of the state. But we can't do it alone. We need your help. Email us your college commitments, relevant news, and top players in your area. Send all relevant news to the state's respective scouting director listed on the Contact page.

Prep Baseball Report Events

Prep Baseball Report events have become a must for all serious players. Prep Baseball Report events are designed to give players the maximum exposure needed to advance to the next level. Not only will you receive high-level exposure from college coaches, but all players at events will be videotaped, and the edited performance will be hosted on the website.

All players will receive an online profile with their verified statistics, scouting report, picture and video. Additionally, all subsequent stories written about a prospect will be linked to the player’s profile, ultimately creating a one-stop shop for recruiters. Furthermore, the top players will be listed in our statewide player rankings and overall rankings.

Our ever-expanding player video library is a must for all college coaches. All statistics on the website are verified by our Prep Baseball Report scouts.

All Your Recruiting Needs

The Prep Baseball Report is here to make college coaches' recruiting responsibilities a little easier.

Recently, we’ve doubled the output of our PBR PLUS content, which provides insider recruiting information from our 27-state coverage area. In 2013, we hired Nathan Rode, the former Baseball America national writer, to provide in-depth draft and national coverage.

We’ve also added hundreds more videos from all our Prep Baseball Report events over the last few months, adding to the depth of player video center, which exceeds 20,000 prospects. Our state-specific content is second-to-none.

PrepBaseballReport.com is the quickest and easiest way to cross-check a player in our coverage area. All our statistics are verified by our Prep Baseball Report state scouting directors. Every player who comes to a PBR event has a video, which is in the prospect’s profile, along with his statistics, write-up, and any other story that was ever written about the prospect.

If you’re not already a Premium Content subscriber, you’re missing out on the most up-to-date information on recruits.

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  • Access to all players’ videos
    • More than 20,000 prospect videos (and counting) in our expansive database
  • Access to PBR PLUS content
    • In-depth insider recruiting content, including who's hot and prospect information from all our PBR states
  • Advanced Search Functionality
    • The Advanced Search takes the finding capabilities to new levels. In the Advanced Search, you can search pitching velocity ranges, pop times, 60 times, positional velocities. Moreover, you can search the same criteria, then take it another level, by sorting by position, size, state. For example, let’s say you are looking for a prospect who can run. So begin by setting the 60 range from 6.4-6.8. Now let’s say you are looking for a middle infielder in a specific class, so click shortstop. One step further, you want a left-handed hitter. Click it. Now let’s say the college coach doesn’t have much luck in, say, Missouri, but kills it in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Click the desired states. Hit search. Voila, you have your left-handed hitting shortstop who can fly. It’s that easy.
  • Access to all state-specific Player Rankings
    • See who’s ranked where in all our class-specific Prep Baseball Report coverage states.
  • Access to Regional Player Rankings
    • Combined rankings in our Prep Baseball Report coverage area

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